Current Issue

Volume 14

Issue 12,2021

(63 articles)


Zhi-Cheng Zhang1, Yi Li2, Jing-Jing Wang1, De-Han Qi2, Bin-Wei Yao1, Mei-Xi Yu1, Xu-Dong Chen1 (✉), and Tong-Bu Lu1 (✉)

A wafer-scale graphdiyne/graphene heterostructure was fabricated to construct large-scale optoelectronic synapse arrays, which can operate in ultraviolet (UV) and the whole visible range. This graphdiyne/graphene-based optoelectronic synapse exhibits considerable potential in applications of neuromorphic computing and artificial visual systems.
2021, 14(12): 4591–4600
Published: 02 March 2021

Ruoyu Fan1,§, Yange Zhang1,§, Zhi Hu1,2,§, Chun Chen1 (✉), Tongfei Shi1, Lirong Zheng3, Haimin Zhang1, Junfa Zhu4, Huijun Zhao1,5 (✉), and Guozhong Wang1 (✉)

A Cu catalyst composing of subnanometric cluster and atomic Cu–O–Si exhibits multifunctional catalysis in liquid-phase reaction.
2021, 14(12): 4601–4609
Published: 09 March 2021

Zhong-Hai Ji1,2, Lili Zhang1, Dai-Ming Tang3 (✉), Chien-Ming Chen4, Torbjörn E. M. Nordling4,5, Zheng-De Zhang6, Cui-Lan Ren6, Bo Da7, Xin Li1,2, Shu-Yu Guo1, Chang Liu1 (✉), and Hui-Ming Cheng1,8

A high-throughput method combined with machine learning is developed to efficiently screen the growth conditions for the synthesis of high-quality single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs).
2021, 14(12): 4610–4615
Published: 18 March 2021

Lin Fu1,§, Wei Zhou1,§, Ming Wen1 (✉), Qingsheng Wu1, Weiying Li1, Dandan Wu2 (✉), Quanjing Zhu1, Jiaqi Ran1, and Panpan Ren1

The constructed layered CuNi-Cu2O/NiAlOx nanosheet exhibits rapid catalytic performance for the conversion of p-nitrophenol to p-aminophenol, which is attributed to the synergy between active CuNi nanoalloys and photocatalytic active nano-Cu2O.
2021, 14(12): 4616–4624
Published: 29 March 2021

Chenfei Wang1, Xiaoli Wang1 (✉), Yanqiang Hu1, Lizhou Li1, Zhihao Li1, Heng Wu1, and Zirui Zhao1

In this paper, the explicit data-fitting formulas based on the fractional derivative Zener model are firstly derived to identify the viscoelastic constitutive parameters of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Then a viscoelastic-adhesive contact model based on the fitted constitutive parameters is established to analyze the effects of material viscoelasticity and texture sizes on the contact and electrical performance.
2021, 14(12): 4625–4633
Published: 3 April 2021

Wei Liu1,§, Haowei Lu1,2,§, Xiaoyong Rao1, Xiang Li1, Hongdan Lu3, Feifei Li4, Yan He1, Riyue Yu1, Rongsheng Zhong1, Yao Zhang1, Xiaojian Luo1 (✉), and Hongliang Xin3,4 (✉)

A new endogenous cell delivery system (NUS-L-Ps) associated with inflammation, was developed for cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury. This drug system composed of neutrophils (NUS) and Puerarin cationic liposome (L-Ps) could help Puerarin effectively cross the BBB and infiltrate the brain parenchyma through chemotaxis of inflammatory factors on NUS, delivering therapeutic molecules to the damaged sites and target cells. Then neutrophils extracellular traps (NETS) are formed by neutrophils at the damaged inflammatory sites to release L-Ps and give full play to the neuroprotective effect of Puerarin.
2021, 14(12): 4634–4643
Published: 27 March 2021

Xi Mao1, Hao Li1, Jinwoo Kim2, Shuai Deng1, Renhua Deng1 (✉), Bumjoon J. Kim2, and Jintao Zhu1 (✉)

A solvent annealing-induced structural reengineering approach is exploited to fabricate polymersomes by using block copolymers that are hard to form vesicles through the traditional solution selfassembly route. This method enables effective encapsulation/loading of cargoes such as fluorescent dyes and metal nanoparticles, which offers a new route to prepare polymersomes that could be applied for cargo release, diagnostic imaging, and nanoreactors, etc.
2021, 14(12): 4644–4649
Published: 13 March 2021

Jin Zhang1, Yaxin Wang1, Chujie Yang2, Sian Chen1, Zhengjian Li1, Yi Cheng2 (✉), Haining Wang1 (✉), Yan Xiang1, Shanfu Lu1, and Shuangyin Wang3

The hydrazine oxidation over Fe, Co and Ni single atom catalysts follows a predominant 4-electron reaction pathway to emit N2 and a negligible 1-electron pathway to emit trace of NH3, while their electrocatalytic activity is dominated by the absorption energy of N2H4 on them.
2021, 14(12): 4650–4657
Published: 13 March 2021

Haibing Meng§, Yongqiang Chai§, Chong Zhao, Mingzhe Nie, Chunru Wang, and Taishan Wang (✉)

A paramagnetic metallofullerene Sc3C2@C80 dimer with covalently bonded two spin centers was synthesized. Electron paramagnetic resonance experiments revealed the varied paramagnetic property of Sc3C2@C80 dimer caused by its two-spin-center structure.
2021, 14(12): 4658–4663
Published: 23 April 2021

Keren Jiang, Xuehai Tan, Shengli Zhai, Ken Cadien, and Zhi Li (✉)

Carbonized reconstructed lignin (CRL) with fewer defects is prepared with control via a repolymerization process. CRL delivers muchimproved performance at high current density and much-reduced voltage hysteresis for K-ion and Na-ion batteries.
2021, 14(12): 4664–4673
Published: 29 March 2021