Yadong Xu1, Qihui Fei1, Margaret Page2, Ganggang Zhao2, Yun Ling2, Dick Chen3, and Zheng Yan1,2 (✉)

The synthesis of laser-induced porous graphene (LIG) and its electrical, mechanical, and antibacterial properties and biocompatibility are summarized. And, the applications of LIG in biophysical sensors, biochemical sensors, and soft actuators are overviewed.
Published: 07 April 2021

Chuanliang Wei1, Yusheng Wang1, Yuchan Zhang1, Liwen Tan1, Yi Qian1, Yuan Tao1, Shenglin Xiong2, and Jinkui Feng1 (✉)

A flexible and freestanding MXene/COF framework was designed for stable and dendrite-free lithium metal anodes.
Published: 07 April 2021

Sang-Hyeon Nam1,§, Gayea Hyun1,§, Donghwi Cho1, Seonggon Han1, Gwangmin Bae1, Haomin Chen1,2, Kisun Kim1, Youngjin Ham1, Junyong Park3,4 (✉), and Seokwoo Jeon1,5 (✉)

Proximity-field nanopatterning (PnP) is an efficient fabrication method specialized for three-dimensional (3D) periodic nanostructures. This review paper introduces basic principles and development processes to offer a comprehensive understanding and outlook of PnP.
Published: 07 April 2021

Qilin Wei1, Danielle L. Kuhn2, Zachary Zander2, Brendan G. DeLacy2, Hai-Lung Dai1 (✉), and Yugang Sun1 (✉)

Amorphous and optically transparent silica coating allows nitridation of individual TiO2 nanoparticles, resulting in nanoparticles with tunable localized surface plasmon resonances in visible and near infrared regions.
Published: 25 March 2021

Feng Zhang1, Bo Song1 (✉), and Lei Jiang1,2,3 (✉)

A quantized chemical reaction resonantly driven by multiple midinfrared (MIR)/far-infrared (FIR)-photons is proposed, different from the thermochemical or photochemical reactions.
Published: 11 March 2021

Lihong Lin, Zhuo Chen (✉), and Wenxing Chen (✉)

The atomic diffusion strategy, which can be divided into gaseous diffusion, solid diffusion and liquid diffusion, is considered as an effective method to prepare a series of single atom cataly
Published: 07 April 2021

Jing Li1, Jie Zhao1, Shengqiang Li3, Yang Chen1, Weiqiang Lv4, Jiahui Zhang1, Libing Zhang1, Zhen Zhang1 (✉), and Xiaoquan Lu1,2 (✉)

In this work, we demonstrated a metal–organic framework (MOF) synergistic catalysis strategy, by loading Pt nanoparticles (Pt NPs) on MIL-88B-NH2 (Fe-MOF) to increase peroxidase-like activity for ultrasensitive colorimetric detection of glucose.
Published: 27 March 2021

Jingwei Liu1,§, Yali Ma4,§, Liangliang Zhang1, Yuenan Zheng1, Rui Zhang1, Ling Zhang3, Feng Wei2 (✉), and Zhen-An Qiao1 (✉)

In this study, we have proposed a versatile ligand-assisted cooperative template method to synthesize multi-shelled mesoporous hollow metal hydroxide and metal oxide nanospheres. The obtained Au nanoparticles loaded nanocomposites exhibit excellent catalytic activity of hydrocarbons with sp3 C–H bonds, such as ethylbenzene with a conversion of 28.2% when the selectivity is nearly 90%.
Published: 27 March 2021

Shilin Mu1, Hongxu Chen2 (✉), Chenyu Shi1, Junhu Zhang1 (✉), and Bai Yang1

Au nanoring arrays with tunable morphological features and plasmonic resonances are fabricated using colloidal lithography.
Published: 20 March 2021

Seung Ji Kang1, Haeleen Hong1, Chanho Jeong2, Ju Seung Lee1, Hyewon Ryu1, Jae-hun Yang1, Jong Uk Kim1, Yiel Jae Shin1, and Tae-il Kim1,2,3 (✉)

Thermal conductive composite islands using aligned boron nitride (BN) nanosheet and porous polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) foam provide mechanical stability and avoid thermal interference in stretchable electronics.
Published: 18 March 2021