Fan Wang1,§, Shuwen Niu2,§, Xinqi Liang1, Gongming Wang2 (✉), and Minghua Chen1 (✉)

Phosphorus is acted as an electronic structure modulator to redistribute the electron density of the catalytic site of WS2, enabling WS2 with high intrinsic catalytic activity.
Published: 18 September 2021

Liping Wang1,§, Wenqiong Su1,§, Khan Zara Ahmad1,§, Xin Wang1,§, Ting Zhang1, Youyi Yu1, Edward Kai-Hua Chow2,3,4,5,6 (✉), Dean Ho3,4,5,6 (✉), and Xianting Ding1 (✉)

Male and female, intravenous injection and hepatic portal vain injection of nanodiamond (ND), doxorubicin (DOX), ND-based DOX (NDX), were comprehensively evaluated for their pathology, blood testing and urinalysis. 1, 2, and 3 in dotted circles indicated the synthesis process of NDX. A, B, and C in dotted circles indicated administration of DOX, ND, and NDX injection, respectively. A total of five groups of Naïve Beagle dogs were examined.
Published: 18 September 2021

Min Zhao1, Qingyuan Chen2, Yongcheng Zhu2, Yuehui Liu3, Chunchun Zhang4, Gang Jiang2, Meng Zhang2 (✉), and Kui Yu2,3,5 (✉)

We demonstrate a precursor compound (PC)-enabled formation pathway for the CdSe magic-size clusters (MSCs) with a sharp absorption peak at about 420 nm (MSC-420) in aqueous solutions. The coordination between primary amine with PCs may be responsible to the transformation from CdSe PCs to MSC-420.
Published: 18 September 2021

Andrian V. Kuchuk1 (✉), Fernando M. de Oliveira1,2, Pijush K. Ghosh3, Yuriy I. Mazur1, Hryhorii V. Stanchu1, Marcio D. Teodoro2, Morgan E. Ware1,3, and Gregory J. Salamo1

A self-checking approach to correlate the Raman frequency shift and strain, which is based on the lattice coherency at the interfaces of the SL’s epitaxial layers and should be valid for a wide range of materials was developed.
Published: 13 September 2021

Di Zhao1, Jinwen Qin1, Lirong Zheng2, Donglei Guo3, Jie Wang1, and Minhua Cao1 (✉)

A lightweight and binder-free vanadium nitride (VN) nanosheet network in situ grown on nitrogen-rich (N-rich) carbon textile substrate (N-C@P-VN) is synthesized using cheap cotton cloth as template. The N-rich carbon textile substrate is used both as current collector and host to store Li+, thus leading to high specific capacity and rate performance of VN.
Published: 9 September 2021

Xue Yin1, Ligang Feng2 (✉), Wen Yang1 (✉), Yuanxi Zhang3, Haiyan Wu3, Le Yang1, Lei Zhou1, Lin Gan3 (✉), and Shaorui Sun4 (✉)

The interface engineering of plasmonic induced Fe/N/C-F catalyst can optimize the three-phase microenvironment efficiently in the catalytic electrode, thereby enhancing oxygen catalytic performance for fuel cell application.
Published: 15 September 2021

Xianjun Tan, Wenhui Ding, Zhenying Jiang, Linxiao Sun, and Yuxiong Huang (✉)

Efficient activation and oriented-conversion of H2O2 to surface-bounded superoxide radical (·O2-surface) were achieved by oxygen-incorporated MoS2 nanosheets, reinventing the understanding of MoS2 co-catalytic Fenton reaction.
Published: 09 September 2021

Muwei Ji1,2,§, Xin Yang3,§, Shengding Chang3,§, Wenxing Chen4,§, Jin Wang1,3,§ (✉), Dongsheng He5, Yao Hu3, Qian Deng3, You Sun3, Bo Li3, Jingyu Xi3, Tomoaki Yamada6, Jiatao Zhang4, Hai Xiao7, Caizhen Zhu2, Jia Li3 (✉), and Yadong Li7 (✉)

The uniform RuO2 clusters with ~ 2 nm in size were synthesized via electrochemical leaching of Sr from SrRuO3 ceramic in acid, and exhibited ultrahigh oxygen evolution reaction (OER) activity with an overpotential of ~ 160 mV at 10 mA·cm geo−2 in 1.0 M HClO4 solution for 30-h testing.
Published: 20 September 2021

Yujing Du1,§, Shiping Wang2,§, Lei Wang3 (✉), Shengye Jin2, Yifan Zhao1 (✉), Tai Min3, Zhuangde Jiang4, Ziyao Zhou1, and Ming Liu1

Photo-induced electrons doping is the essence of visible light regulation of magnetism. The number of photons injected determines the amount of magnetic variation.
Published: 04 September 2021

Hanzhen Zheng1,§, Fei Ma1,§, Hongcen Yang1, Xiaogang Wu1, Rui Wang1, Dali Jia1, Zhixia Wang1, Niandi Lu1, Fen Ran2, and Shanglong Peng1 (✉)

We report a Mn-doped CoNx on N-doped porous carbon (Mn-CoNx/N-PC) electrocatalyst, which shows a small potential difference (ΔE = 0.71 V). Excellent bifunctional catalytic activity is attributed to the influence of Mn and N co-doped on the catalyst
Published: 15 September 2021