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2008, 1: 89-97


3-D Characterization of CdSe Nanoparticles Attached to Carbon Nanotubes

Ana B. Hungría1), Beatriz H. Juárez2), Christian Klinke2, Horst Weller2, and Paul A. Midgley1

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1 Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ, UK
2 Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Hamburg, 20146 Hamburg, Germany

Keywords: Electron tomography, CdSe nanoparticles, STEM, HRTEM, carbon nanotubes
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The crystallographic structure of CdSe nanoparticles attached to carbon nanotubes has been elucidated by means of high resolution transmission electron microscopy and high angle annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy tomography. CdSe rod-like nanoparticles, grown in solution together with carbon nanotubes, undergo a morphological transformation and become attached to the carbon surface. Electron tomography reveals that the nanoparticles are hexagonal-based with the (001) planes epitaxially matched to the outer graphene layer.
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3-D Characterization of CdSe Nanoparticles Attached to Carbon Nanotubes. Nano Res. 2008, 1: 89-97

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