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2011, 4(2): 216–225


Hierarchical Manganese Oxide/Carbon Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Electrodes

Yiting Peng1,2,§, Zheng Chen2,§, Jing Wen2, Qiangfeng Xiao2, Ding Weng2, Shiyu He1 (), Hongbin Geng1 (), and Yunfeng Lu2 ()

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1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, 150001, China
2 Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

Keywords: Hierarchically porous carbon, MnO2/carbon nanocomposite, supercapacitor
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MnO2/carbon nanocomposites with hierarchical pore structure and controllable MnO2 loading have been synthesized using a self-limiting growth method. This was achieved by the redox reactions of KMnO4 with sacrificed carbon substrates that contain hierarchical pores. The unique pore structure allows the synthesis of nanocomposites with tunable MnO2 loading up to 83 wt.%. The specific capacitance of the nanocomposites increased with the MnO2 loading; the conductivity measured by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, on the other hand, decreased with increasing MnO2 loading. Optimization of the MnO2 loading resulted in nanocomposites with high specific capacitance and excellent rate capability. This work provides important fundamental understanding which will facilitate the design and fabrication of high-performance supercapacitor materials for a large variety of applications.
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Hierarchical Manganese Oxide/Carbon Nanocomposites for Supercapacitor Electrodes. Nano Res. 2011, 4(2): 216–225

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