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2015, 8(3): 722–730


High power triboelectric nanogenerator based on printed circuit board (PCB) technology

Changbao Han1,§, Chi Zhang1,§, Wei Tang1, Xiaohui Li1, and Zhong Lin Wang1,2 (*)

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1 Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100083, China
2 School of Material Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 30332, USA
§ These authors contributed equally to this work.

Keywords: triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG), printed circuit board (PCB), output power, transformer
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Harvesting mechanical energy from our surroundings to acquire a steady and high power output has attracted intensive interest due to the fast development of portable electronics. In this work, the disk-structured triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) was prepared based on the mature printed circuit board (PCB) technology and the composite structure for effectively improving the utilization in space. A narrow grating of 1° was designed to produce high output. Operated at a rotation rate of 1,000 rpm, the TENG produces a high output power density of 267 mW/cm2 (total power output of 25.7 W) at a matched load of 0.93 MΩ. After introducing a transformer, the output power can be managed so that it can be directly used to charge a battery for a smart phone. With the PCB production technology, fabrication of high performance TENG at low cost and large-scale becomes feasible.
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High power triboelectric nanogenerator based on printed circuit board (PCB) technology. Nano Res. 2015, 8(3): 722–730

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