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2017, 10(4): 1189–1199


Rapid growth of angle-confined large-domain graphene bicrystals

Huaying Ren1,2, Huan Wang1, Li Lin1, Miao Tang1, Shuli Zhao1, Bing Deng1, Manish Kumar Priydarshi1, Jincan Zhang1,2, Hailin Peng1 (*), and Zhongfan Liu1 (*)

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1 Center for Nanochemistry, Beijing Science and Engineering Center for Nanocarbons, Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
2 Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China

Keywords: graphene, bicrystal, chemical vapor deposition, surface engineering, grain boundary, heating device
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ABSTRACT In the chemical vapor deposition growth of large-area graphene polycrystalline thin films, the coalescence of randomly oriented graphene domains results in a high density of uncertain grain boundaries (GBs). The structures and properties of various GBs are highly dependent on the misorientation angles between the graphene domains, which can significantly affect the performance of the graphene films and impede their industrial applications. Graphene bicrystals with a specific type of GB can be synthesized via the controllable growth of graphene domains with a predefined lattice orientation. Although the bicrystal has been widely investigated for traditional bulk materials, no successful synthesis strategy has been presented for growing two-dimensional graphene bicrystals. In this study, we demonstrate a simple approach for growing well-aligned large-domain graphene bicrystals with a confined tilt angle of 30° on a facilely recrystallized single-crystal Cu (100) substrate. Control of the density of the GBs with a misorientation angle of 30° was realized via the controllable rapid growth of subcentimeter graphene domains with the assistance of a cooperative catalytic surface-passivation treatment. The large-area production of graphene bicrystals consisting of the sole specific GBs with a tunable density provides a new material platform for fundamental studies and practical applications.
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Rapid growth of angle-confined large-domain graphene bicrystals. Nano Res. 2017, 10(4): 1189–1199

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