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2018, 11(12): 6346–6359


Nanoscopic imaging of oxidized graphene monolayer using tip-enhanced Raman scattering

Joseph M. Smolsky and Alexey V. Krasnoslobodtsev (*)

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Department of Physics, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha NE 68182, USA

Keywords: graphene, Raman spectroscopy, tip-enhanced Raman scattering, graphene oxidation
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ABSTRACT Tip-enhanced Raman scattering (TERS) can be used for the structural and chemical characterization of materials with a nanoscale resolution, and offers numerous advantages compared to other forms of imaging. We use TERS to track the local structural features of a CVD-grown graphene monolayer. Ag nanoparticles were added to AFM probes using ion-beam sputtering in order to make them TERS-active. Such modification provides probes with large factors of enhancement and good reproducibility. TERS measurements on graphene show an emergence of a defect-induced D-Raman band and a strain-induced shoulder of the graphene’s G-band. Comparison of TERS results with micro-Raman for oxidized graphene suggests that local oxidation occurs with the introduction of sp3 defects, under TERS conditions.
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Nanoscopic imaging of oxidized graphene monolayer using tip-enhanced Raman scattering. Nano Res. 2018, 11(12): 6346–6359

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