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2019, 12(1): 25–31


In situ observation of synthesized nanoparticles in ultra-dilute aerosols via X-ray scattering

Sarah R. McKibbin1 (*), Sofie Yngman1, Olivier Balmes2, Bengt O. Meuller1, Simon Tgerud1, Maria E. Messing1, Giuseppe Portale3, Michael Sztucki4, Knut Deppert1, Lars Samuelson1, Martin H. Magnusson1, Edvin Lundgren1, and Anders Mikkelsen1 (*)

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1 Department of Physics and Nanolund, Lund University, Box 118, 22100 Lund, Sweden
2 MaxIV Laboratory, Lund University, Box 118, 22100 Lund, Sweden
3 University of Groningen, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, Nijenborgh 4, NL-9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands
4 ESRF – The European Synchrotron, CS 40220, 38043 Grenoble Cedex 9, France

Keywords: aerosol, nanoparticle synthesis, in situ analysis, small-angle X-ray scattering, Aerotaxy
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In-air epitaxy of nanostructures (Aerotaxy) has recently emerged as a viable route for fast, large-scale production. In this study, we use small-angle X-ray scattering to perform direct in-flight characterizations of the first step of this process, i.e., the engineered formation of Au and Pt aerosol nanoparticles by spark generation in a flow of N2 gas. This represents a particular challenge for characterization because the particle density can be extremely low in controlled production. The particles produced are examined during production at operational pressures close to atmospheric conditions and exhibit a lognormal size distribution ranging from 5–100 nm. The Au and Pt particle production and detection are compared. We observe and characterize the nanoparticles at different stages of synthesis and extract the corresponding dominant physical properties, including the average particle diameter and sphericity, as influenced by particle sintering and the presence of aggregates. We observe highly sorted and sintered spherical Au nanoparticles at ultra-dilute concentrations (< 5 × 105 particles/cm3) corresponding to a volume fraction below 3 × 10–10, which is orders of magnitude below that of previously measured aerosols. We independently confirm an average particle radius of 25 nm via Guinier and Kratky plot analysis. Our study indicates that with high-intensity synchrotron beams and careful consideration of background removal, size and shape information can be obtained for extremely low particle concentrations with industrially relevant narrow size distributions.
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In situ observation of synthesized nanoparticles in ultra-dilute aerosols via X-ray scattering. Nano Res. 2019, 12(1): 25–31

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