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2020, 13(7): 1976–1981


Molecular-scale integrated multi-functions for organic lightemitting transistors

Lei Zheng1,, Jinfeng Li1,, Ke Zhou2, Xixia Yu1, Xiaotao Zhang1 (*), Huanli Dong2 (*), and Wenping Hu1,2,3 (*)

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1 Tianjin Key Laboratory of Molecular Optoelectronic Sciences, Department of Chemistry, School of Science, Tianjin University and Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Science and Engineering (Tianjin), Tianjin 300072, China
2 Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Science, Key Laboratory of Organic Solids, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China
3 Joint School of National University of Singapore and Tianjin University, International Campus of Tianjin University, Binhai New City, Fuzhou 350207, China
Lei Zheng and Jinfeng Li contributed equally to this work.

Keywords: molecular semiconductor, molecular crystal, organic optoelectronics, transistor, organic light-emitting transistor
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Organic light-emitting transistors (OLETs) integrate the functions of light-emitting diodes and field-effect transistors into a unique device, opening a new door for optoelectronics. However, there is still a challenge due to the absence of high quality organic semiconductors for OLETs. Herein, we reported a novel molecule 2,6-di(anthracen-2-yl)naphthalene (2,6-DAN), which exhibited mobility of up to 19 cm2·V−1·s−1 and an absolute fluorescence quantum yield of 37.09%, which are good values for organic semiconductors. Moreover, OLETs based on 2,6-DAN single crystals showed bright yellowish-green emission and well-balanced ambipolar charge transport. The excellent ratio of hole to electron mobility can reach up to 0.86, which is superior to most single-component OLETs in typical device configurations reported so far.
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Molecular-scale integrated multi-functions for organic lightemitting transistors. Nano Res. 2020, 13(7): 1976–1981

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