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2020, 13(8): 2085–2090


Ultra-high current gain tunneling hot-electron transfer amplifier based on vertical van der Waals heterojunctions

Xu Zhao1,§ (*), Peng Chen1,2,§, Xingqiang Liu2 (*), Guoli Li2, Xuming Zou2, Yuan Liu2, Qilong Wu2, Yufang Liu1 (*), Woo Jong Yu3, and Lei Liao2

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1 Key Laboratory for Micro/Nano Optoelectronic Devices of Ministry of Education & Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Low-Dimensional Structural Physics and Devices, School of Physics and Electronics, Changsha 410082, China
2 Henan Normal University, School of Physics, Xinxiang 453007, China
3 Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 440-746, Republic of Korea
§ Xu Zhao and Peng Chen contributed equally to this work.

Keywords: bipolar junction transistor, hot electron, van der Waals heterostructure, current gain
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Due to the backscattered parasitic current from the barriers, the current gain of the widely used amplifier is far from ideal. In this work, we demonstrate a vertical Au/Al2O3/BP/MoS2 tunneling hot-electron transfer amplifier with a hot-electron emitter-base junction and a p-n junction as the base-collector barrier. Fairly monoenergetic electrons traverse through the ultrathin Al2O3 dielectric via tunneling, which are accelerated and shifted to the collector region. The devices exhibit a high current on-off ratio of > 105 and a high current density (JC) of ~ 1,000 A/cm2 at the same time. Notably, this work demonstrates a common-emitter current gain (β) value of 1,384 with a nanowatt power consumption at room temperature, which is a record high value among the all 2D based hot-electron transistors. Furthermore, the temperature dependent performance is investigated, and the β value of 1,613 is obtained at 150 K. Therefore, this work presents the potential of 2D based transistors for high-performance applications.
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Ultra-high current gain tunneling hot-electron transfer amplifier based on vertical van der Waals heterojunctions. Nano Res. 2020, 13(8): 2085–2090

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