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2021, 14(9): 3143–3158


Stick-and-play system based on interfacial adhesion control enhanced by micro/nanostructures

Jung Il Yoo§, Seung Hyun Kim§, and Heung Cho Ko (✉)

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School of Materials Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Gwangju 61005, Republic of Korea
§ Jung Il Yoo and Seung Hyun Kim contributed equally to this work.

Keywords: transfer printing, interfacial adhesion, flexible electronics, stick-and-play system, bioinspired adhesive
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The evolution of membrane-type electronics has facilitated the development of stick-and-play systems, which confer diverse electrical functions to various planar or arbitrary curvilinear surfaces. The stick-and-play concept is based on the development of thin electronic devices in a printable format and their subsequent transfer to target surfaces. The development of this technology requires control of the interfacial adhesion of the electronic prints for retrieval from a carrier and transfer to the target surface. First, we discuss the transfer printing for membrane-type electronics, starting from an overview of materials available for flexible substrates, transfer printing of electronic prints for retrieval, and assembly for further integration. Second, we explain the stick-and-play concept based on fabricated membrane-type electronics; “stick” and “play” refer to the transfer of electronic devices and the performance of their electronic functions, respectively. In particular, we broadly survey various methods based on micro/nanostructures, including gecko-inspired, interlocking, cephalopod-sucker-inspired, and cilia structures, which can be employed to stick-and-play systems for enhancing interfacial adhesion with complex target surfaces under dynamic and wet conditions. Finally, we highlight the stick-and-play system application of micro/nanostructures for skin-attachable biomedical electronics, e-textiles, and environmental monitoring electronics.
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Stick-and-play system based on interfacial adhesion control enhanced by micro/nanostructures. Nano Res. 2021, 14(9): 3143–3158

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