Volume 2

Issue 07,2009

(9 articles)

Apraku David Donkor, Zhengding Su, Himadri S. Mandal, Xu Jin, and Xiaowu (Shirley) Tang (

Functionalized single walled-carbon nanotubes function as detoxifiers of a cholesteroldependent cytolysin, pyolysin, through binding of its tryptophan -rich undecapeptide domain 4 region.
2009, 2: 517-525

Cary L. Pint1,3, Noe T. Alvarez2,3, and Robert H. Hauge2,3

A technique is demonstrated in which dense arrays of single-walled carbon nanotubes are synthesized combining traditional techniques of catalytic base growth with that of tip growth, to result in what is termed “odako” growth. These structures, illustrated here, resemble giant kites named odakos that are typically fl own at traditional Japanese festivals.
2009, 2: 526-534

Wei Xu1,§, Mingdong Dong1, Henkjan Gersen1,#, Socorro Vázquez-Campos2, Xavier Bouju3, Erik Lgsgaard1, Ivan Stensgaard1, Mercedes Crego-Calama2,, David N. Reinhoudt2, Trolle R.

A large supramolecular rosette assembly has been sublimed intact onto a Au(111) surface; a well-ordered surface nanostructure is observed, with features indicative of rosette assemblies aligned on the surface in an “edge-on” adsorption geometry.
2009, 2: 535-542

Yanli Wang1, Jia Wang1, Xiaoyong Deng1, Jiao Wang2, Haifang Wang1, Minghong Wu1, Zheng Jiao1), and Yuanfang Liu1,3

TiO2 nanotubes modifi ed with fl uorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) are internalized in neural stem cells and accumulate in the cell nucleus after coincubation for 48 h.
2009, 2: 543-552

Xiaobing Han1, Guangyin Jing1, Xinzheng Zhang1, Renmin Ma1, Xuefeng Song1, Jun Xu1, Zhimin Liao1, Ning Wang2,

Signifi cant conductance increases of up to 113% were observed on bending individual ZnO nanowires or CdS nanobelts. A variety of manipulating tips and bending measurements have been used to confi rm this phenomenon.
2009, 2: 553-557

Xing Cai Wu(), You Rong Tao, and Qi Xiu Gao

TiS3 nanobelt films have been grown on Ti substrates by a surface-assisted chemical-vapor-transport method, and then converted into TiS1.71 nanobelt films by vacuum pyrolysis. Field emission measurements showed that they are excellent fi eld emitters.
2009, 2: 558-564

Li Gao1,2, Xin Ge1, Zhanli Chai1,2, Guohai Xu1,2, Xin Wang3), and Cheng Wang1

Submicrometer sized pure cubic phase α-NaYF4, and its Eu3+ doped, and Yb3+/Er3+ co-doped particles with octahedral morphology have been prepared in acetic acid. The presence of acetate ions plays a critical role in the formation of such symmetric octahedral structures through its selective adsorption on the (111) faces of the products.
2009, 2: 565-574

Xiaohua Liu and Dunwei Wang(

A variety of Si polymorphs have been synthesized and experimentally characterized. Definitive evidence was provided for the existence of stable hexagonal symmetry phases. The main reason for this was attributed to the fast growth kinetics which outplays cohesive energy in defi ning the crystal structure of chemically synthesized Si nanowires.
2009, 2: 575-582

Qiao Zhang, Jianping Ge, James Goebl, Yongxing Hu, Zhenda Lu, and Yadong Yin(

Porous-SiO2@void@porous-SiO2 (p-SiO2@void@p-SiO2) rattle-type colloids have been successfully synthesized through a surface-protected etching process without the involvement of additional sacrifi cial templates.
2009, 2: 583-591