Volume 3

Issue 04,2010

(8 articles)

Pengqu Zhang1, Yonggong Zhan1,2 (), Bingxin Cai1 (), Chenchun Hao1, Jun Wang1, Chunxiao Liu1, Zhoujun Meng1, Zhoulan Yin2, and Qiyuan Chen2

Octahedral Mn3O4 nanocrystals with single crystalline structures have been synthesized in an extremely low precursor concentration reaction system and were an efficient catalyst for the oxidation of methylene blue (MB).
2010, 3: 235–243

Shao Feng Chen1,, Jian Ping Li2,, Kun Qian3, Wei Ping Xu1, Yang Lu1, Wei Xin Huang3 and Shu Hong Yu1 (*)

Well dispersed M@TiO2 (M = Ag, Pd, Au, Pt) nanocomposite particles with ultrafine noble metal nanoparticles can be synthesized on a large scale by a clean photochemical route without any additives being required. The nanocomposites show good catalytic performance for CO oxidation at low temperature and antibacterial effects at a low dosage.
2010, 3: 244–255

Kandasami Asokan1,2, Jae Young Park1, Sunwoo Choi1, Changhwan Chang3, and Sang Sub Kim1 ()

Stabilization of the anatase phase of Ti1-xSnxO2 (x < 0.5) nanofibers is confirmed. Photoluminescence results demonstrate the tunable nature of the optical properties with the emission maximum shifting towards higher wavelength with increasing Sn concentration.
2010, 3: 256–263

Magnus T. Borgstrm1 (), Jesper Wallentin1, Johanna Trgrdh1,§, Peter Ramvall1, Martin Ek2, L. Reine Wallenberg2, Lars Samuelson1, and Knut Deppert1

Scanning electron microscope images and schematic insets of the intended and resulting InP nanowire growth, without (left) and with (right) in situ etching which prevents non desired radial growth.
2010, 3: 264–270

Feng Xu1, Qingqun Qin1, Ashish Mishra2, Yi Gu2, and Yong Zhu1 ()

In situ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tension and buckling tests on single ZnO nanowires (NWs) along the polar direction [0001] were conducted. The bending modulus increased more rapidly than the tensile modulus as the NW diameter decreased from 80 to 20 nm, which demonstrates that the elasticity size effects in ZnO NWs are mainly due to surface stiffening.
2010, 3: 271–280

Kai Huang1, Qing Zhang1 (), Feng Yang2, and Deyan He2

The nano photodetector based on a single hexagonal WO3 nanowire is sensitive to the ultraviolet B light, and exhibits a superior performance in sensitivity, reversibility and wavelength selectivity.
2010, 3: 281–287

Alejandro Lopez-Bezanilla1, Xavier Blase2, and Stephan Roche1,3 ()

When semiconducting carbon nanotubes are randomly covered with carbene functional groups the conductance of narrow tubes is not significantly affected, but that of larger tubes is dramatically reduced.
2010, 3: 288–295

Jing Zhou1,, Hong Li1,, Jing Lu1 (), Guangfu Luo1, Lin Lai1, Rui Qin1, Lu Wang1, Shigeru Nagase2, Zhengxiang Gao1 (), Waining Mei3, Guangping Li4, Dapeng Yu1, and Stefano Sanvito5

Adsorption of aromatic molecule-based nanotweezers on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) is investigated by using the density functional theory. Selective adsorption of SWNTs according to their chirality and diameter is revealed.
2010, 3: 296–306