Volume 9

Issue 04,2016

(31 articles)


Shuo Liu1, Qingliang Liao1, Shengnan Lu1, Xiaohui Zhang1, Zheng Zhang1, Guangjie Zhang1, and Yue Zhang1,2 (*)

A triboelectricity-assisted polymer-free method was developed to transfer graphene with less disorder and better integrity into polymer substrates. The graphene samples possess outstanding electrical transport capabilities and mechanical stability when acting as an electron transfer matrix in flexible graphene/ZnO hybrid photodetectors.
2016, 9(4): 899–907

Caixia Xu (*), Qin Hao, and Dianyun Zhao

A Si/Cu composite with hierarchical micro-/nano-porous structure and controllable components is fabricated by etching a well-designed SiCuAl alloy in HCl solution, which shows excellent performance as an anode material for lithium storage.
2016, 9(4): 908–916

Ya Huang1, Suiyang Liao1, Jie Ren1, Bilal Khalid1, Hailin Peng2, and Hui Wu1 (*)

We report on highly transparent, conductive, and flexible “tape” and can utilize the viscidity of the tape to reduce the junction resistance between silver nanowires and further protect the nanowires from corrosion, oxidation, and mechanical damage. The tape also acts as both a conducting layer and a sealing layer for flexible electronics applications.
2016, 9(4): 917–924

Wei Qin1, Xiaomin Chen2,3, Jessica Lohrman4, Maogang Gong1, Guoliang Yuan3, Manfred Wuttig2, and Shenqiang Ren1 (*)

Room temperature anisotropic magnetism is shown in block copolymer doped charge-transfer crystals, and magnetic field dependent polarization reveals the magnetoelectric coupling effect of crystals.
2016, 9(4): 925–932

Xiujuan Zhuang§, Pengfei Guo§, Qinglin Zhang§, Huawei Liu, Dan Li, Wei Hu, Xiaoli Zhu, Hong Zhou, and Anlian Pan (*)

Lateral composition-graded semiconductor nanoribbons can be gradually tuned from pure CdS to a highly Se-doped CdSSe alloy with a corresponding band gap modulated from 2.42 to 1.94 eV.
2016, 9(4): 933–941

Yan Feng1,2, Qiaofeng Yao2, Jingguo Li2, Nirmal Goswami2, Jianping Xie2 (*), and Jun Yang1(*)

An efficient phase transfer strategy for the synthesis of monodisperse Ag2S nanoparticles with tunable sizes and surface chemistry was developed using atomically precise thiolated Ag nanoclusters as precursors. The resulting Ag2S nanoparticles can be reversibly moved between organic and aqueous phases.
2016, 9(4): 942–950

Chao Yang1, Zhongxin Chen1, Imran Shakir2, Yuxi Xu1 (*), and Hongbin Lu1 (*)

Carbon-coated MoS2/PANI@C was produced by rational synthesis of carbon shell-coated polyaniline (PANI) grown on octahedral (1T) phase MoS2 monolayers, and exhibited remarkable specific capacitance of up to 678 F·g–1, superior capacity retention of 80% after 10,000 cycles, and good rate performance. These properties are comparable to the best overall capacitive performance achieved for conducting polymer-based supercapacitor electrodes reported thus far.
2016, 9(4): 951–962

Chen Zhao1,§, Bing Deng2,§, Guanchu Chen2, Bo Lei2, Hong Hua1, Hailin Peng2 (*), and Zhimin Yan1 (*)

A novel large-area chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-grown monolayer graphene-covered silver nanowire hybrid film was developed on ethylene vinyl acetate/polyethylene terephthalate (EVA/PET) flexible transparent plastic for broad-spectrum and robust antimicrobial applications.
2016, 9(4): 963–973

Kewei Zhang and Ya Yang (*)

A linear-grating hybridized electromagnetic-triboelectric nanogenerator is designed to scavenge low-frequency mechanical energy from sliding motions for powering portable electronics. After power management and conjunction operation, the nanogenerator excels in sustainably powering a digital clock and a thermometer by simply hand sliding.
2016, 9(4): 974–984

Daowei Gao, Xin Zhang (*), Ying Yang, Xiaoping Dai, Hui Sun, Yuchen Qin, and Aijun Duan (*)

We designed CeO2-supported single Au(III) ion catalysts with ultra-low gold loading (≤0.08%) as a substitute for homogeneous catalysts in the reactions of 1,3-dicarbonyls with alcohols.
2016, 9(4): 985–995