Volume 11

Issue 04,2018

(50 articles)


Susanna Monti1,2 (*), Giovanni Barcaro3, Luca Sementa3, Vincenzo Carravetta3, and Hans gren2,4

The motion and self-interaction of gold nanoparticles functionalized with a cysteine-based peptide are simulated in water solution by means of classical reactive force field approach (ReaxFF).
2018, 11(4): 1757–1767
Published: 19 March 2018

Feng Zhang1 (*), Chia-Hui Lee2, Joshua A. Robinson2, and Joerg Appenzeller1

This article describes a comprehensive study of various transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), including semimetallic Td-phase WTe2, and semiconducting 2H-phase MoTe2 and MoS2. The materials were analyzed with respect to the impact of channel width scaling on the transport and edge effects in various TMD ribbon geometries.
2018, 11(4): 1768–1774
Published: 19 March 2018

Jingxin Zhao1,2, Chaowei Li2, Qichong Zhang2, Jun Zhang2, Xiaona Wang2, Juan Sun2, Juanjuan Wang1, Jixun Xie1, Ziyin Lin3, Zhuo Li3, Weibang Lu2, Conghua Lu1 (*), and Yagang Yao2 (*)

Assembled flexible asymmetric graphene fiber-based supercapacitor devices present excellent flexibility and high specific capacitance.
2018, 11(4): 1775–1786
Published: 19 March 2018

Shaolong Jiang1,2, Zhepeng Zhang1,2, Na Zhang2, Yahuan Huan1,2, Yue Gong3,4, Mengxing Sun5, Jianping Shi1,2, Chunyu Xie1,2, Pengfei Yang1,2, Qiyi Fang1,2, He Li1, Lianming Tong2, Dan Xie5, Lin Gu3,4,6, Porun Liu7, and Yanfeng Zhang1,2 (*)

Structurally anisotropic rhenium diselenide (ReSe2) with variable domain morphologies (sunflower- or truncated-triangle-shaped) and uniform monolayer thickness was successfully synthesized on SiO2/Si substrates by ambient-pressure chemical vapor deposition. The prepared monolayer ReSe2 could be transferred onto Au foil to afford electrodes with promising electrocatalytic activity for the hydrogen evolution reaction.
2018, 11(4): 1787–1797
Published: 19 March 2018

Li Chen1,2, Xing Zhang1,3 (*), Wenjie Jiang1,3, Yun Zhang1, Linbo Huang1,3, Yuyun Chen1, Yuguo Yang2, Li Li4, and Jinsong Hu1,3 (*)

In situ transformation of three-dimensional Cu2O@MnO2 into Cu@Mn (OH)2 nanosheet-on-nanowire arrays significantly boosts the electrocatalytic activity for the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), demonstrating its potential as a new HER electrocatalyst.
2018, 11(4): 1798–1809
Published: 19 March 2018

Mingtong Li, Yajun Su, Hui Zhang, and Bin Dong (*)

This study presents a light-driven binary micropump based on perovskite and poly[(2-methoxy-5-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene] (MEHPPV) that exhibits controlled pumping directions. The micropump is utilized to realize heartbeat-like pumping and spatial control over colloidal transportation inside a solution.
2018, 11(4): 1810–1821
Published: 19 March 2018

Hongyu Zhao1,2,, Fan Zhang2,, Shumeng Zhang1, Shengnan He1, Fei Shen2, Xiaogang Han2 (*), Yadong Yin3, and Chuanbo Gao1 (*)

Sub-100 nm hollow carbon nanospheres (as small as~32.5 nm) have been synthesized in high yield by employing reverse micelles as nanoreactors, and show excellent capacity and cycling stability when used as an anode material for lithium/sodium-ion batteries.
2018, 11(4): 1822–1833
Published: 19 March 2018

Jingzhen Li1,, Xiaotian Sun3,, Chengyong Xu4,, Xiuying Zhang1, Yuanyuan Pan1, Meng Ye1, Zhigang Song1, Ruge Quhe5, Yangyang Wang1,6, Han Zhang1, Ying Guo7, Jinbo Yang1,2, Feng Pan8 (*), and Jing Lu1,2 (*)

Ab initio quantum transport simulations show that monolayer blue phosphorene forms n-type Schottky contact with Sc, Ag, and Pt electrodes with lateral electron Schottky barrier heights of 0.22, 0.22, and 0.80 eV, respectively, and it forms p-type Schottky contact with Pd and Au electrodes with lateral hole Schottky barrier heights of 0.79 and 0.61 eV, respectively.
2018, 11(4): 1834–1849
Published: 19 March 2018

Yujia Li1, Lu Lin1,2, Min Tu3, Pei Nian1, Ashlee J. Howarth2, Omar K. Farha2,4, Jieshan Qiu1, and Xiongfu Zhang1 (*)

A two-dimensional (2D) nanosheet zeolitic imidazolate framework membrane is fabricated by direct growth based on the localized solvothermal self-conversion of pre-deposited ZnO on a porous Al2O3 tube and using ammonium hydroxide as a synthetic modulator. The 2D nanosheet membrane achieved here exhibits excellent molecular sieving performance with high H2 permeance and selectivity for H2/CO2 separation.
2018, 11(4): 1850–1860
Published: 19 March 2018

Jing Ning1,2,, Dong Wang1,2, (*), Jincheng Zhang1,2 (*), Xin Feng1,2, Ruixia Zhong1,2, Jiabo Chen1,2, Jianguo Dong1,2, Lixin Guo3, and Yue Hao1,2

In this work, novel snowflake-like Si-O/Si-C nanostructures with a high specific surface area were synthesized by low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (CVD). The nanostructures showed a high specific capacitance of ~963.2 mF/cm2 at a scan rate of 1 mV/s. Further, even after 20, 000 sequential cycles, the electrode retained 94.4% of its capacitance.
2018, 11(4): 1861–1872
Published: 19 March 2018