Volume 13

Issue 03,2020

(35 articles)


Xiaojian Yang and Mingdi Yan (*)

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene prepared on Cu foil is frequently transferred to a different substrate by a poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)-assisted transfer process which leaves polymer residuals on graphene. This review discusses ways to reduce and minimize contaminants in order to obtain clean graphene samples that are critically important for both fundamental studies and device applications.
2020, 13(3): 599–610
Published: 14 February 2020

Xinzhou Wu1,2,§, Run Qin1,2,§, Hanxiang Wu1,2, Guangkai Yao1,2, Yue Zhang1,2, Ping Li1,2, Yizhu Xu1,2, Zhixiang Zhang1,2, Zhibin Yin3 (*), and Hanhong Xu1,2 (*)

Gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-immersed paper imprinting mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) technique was developed for deciphering the elaborate plant translocation mechanism of agrochemicals for the first time, which is currently poorly understood.
2020, 13(3): 611–620
Published: 28 February 2020

Jialiang Pan1,2, Honggui Guo2, Min Wang1, Hui Yang2, Haowen Hu1, Peng Liu1, and Hongwei Zhu1 (*)

The anisotropic Fe3O4 nanotubes with different aspect ratios are successfully prepared, which show effective microwave absorption performance for the synergetic effect of magnetic loss, dielectric loss, and impedance matching.
2020, 13(3): 621–629
Published: 26 February 2020

Ting-Ting Gu1,, Chengjun Li2, (*), Yurui Xu1,, Lei Zhang1, Xue Shan1, Xinyu Huang1, Leilei Guo1, Kerong Chen1, Xiaojian Wang3, Haixiong Ge1 (*), and Xinghai Ning1,4 (*)

Hyaluronidase-responsive liposome (HLCN) has been developed for co-delivery of cisplatin and Nrf2 siRNA (siNrf2), which can effectively decrease Nrf2 level, promote ROS generation, activate mitochondrial apoptotic pathway, and consequently enhance anticancer efficacy of cisplatin.
2020, 13(3): 630–637
Published: 18 March 2020

Wenjuan Lei1,2,4,, Menggang Li2,, Lin He2, Xun Meng2, Zijie Mu3, Yongsheng Yu1,2 (*), Frances M. Ross4 (*), and Weiwei Yang2 (*)

A general strategy was applied to prepare Pt-M bimetallic nanobranched structures with abundant step atoms, and to demonstrate their outstanding bifunctional catalytic performance in methanol fuel cells.
2020, 13(3): 638–645
Published: 7 March 2020

Caihong He1, Lingli Yu1, Na Lu1, Wenjing Wang1, Wei Chen1 (*), Shaojie Lu1, Yun Yang1, Dekun Ma1, and Shaoming Huang1,2 (*)

Screwdriver-like Pd-Ag heterostructured nanocrystals have been synthesized through the selective epitaxial overgrowth of Ag on Pd nanowires, which was realized by kinetic control. The intensified adsorption of light resulting from the interactions between Pd and Ag has prominently enhanced the photocatalytic activity of the heterostructures, which also exhibited excellent catalytic stability for reusing.
2020, 13(3): 646–652
Published: 20 February 2020

Xinli Liu1, Yongchun Pan1, Jingjing Yang1, Yanfeng Gao1, Ting Huang1, Xiaowei Luan1, Yuzhen Wang2 (*), and Yujun Song1 (*)

Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) doped iron-based metal-organic framework (GIM), could protect the glucose oxidase-like activity of AuNPs with the satisfactory shield capability and displays nearinfrared light-enhanced cascade nanozyme to promote reactive oxygen species generation against hypoxic tumors.
2020, 13(3): 653–660
Published: 20 February 2020

Yuanshuang Liu1, Huanglong Li2, Cuicui Qiu1, Xiangmin Hu1, and Dameng Liu1 (*)

Layer-dependent fluorescence lifetime is investigated in twodimensional (2D) layered WSe2. Such layer-dependent exciton dynamics signature is related to the recombination processes of neutral excitons (A excitons) and charged excitons (trions) in different number of layers.
2020, 13(3): 661–666
Published: 12 February 2020

Shaolong Jiang1,§ (*), Jin Yang2,3,§, Yuping Shi1, Jing Zhao2,3, Chunyu Xie1, Liyun Zhao1, Jiatian Fu1, Pengfei Yang1, Yahuan Huan1, Qin Xie4, Huachao Jiang2, Qing Zhang1, Xianlong Wang2, Fuhai Su2 (*), and Yanfeng Zhang1

Monolayer ReSe2 flakes up to ~ 106μm in size are synthesized on sapphire via an ambient-pressure chemical vapor deposition strategy, with the aid of Na promoter from sodium chloride. The photocarrier dynamics of bounded excitons, featuring strong anisotropy, and free electron-hole pairs in monolayer ReSe2 are identified by combining optical pump-probe spectroscopy and time resolved terahertz spectroscopy.
2020, 13(3): 667–675
Published: 12 February 2020

Tianjiang Sun1, Chang Liu1, Jiayue Wang2, Qingshun Nian1, Yazhi Feng1, Yan Zhang3, Zhanliang Tao1 (*), and Jun Chen1

Phenazine was first introduced into aqueous rechargeable batteries as anode material with excellent electrochemical performance and successfully used in wide temperature range.
2020, 13(3): 676–683
Published: 12 February 2020