Volume 13

Issue 09,2020

(38 articles)


2020, 13(9): 2311–2312
Published: 01 July 2020

Jining Zhang1,2, Wenping Hu2, Shuang Cao1 (✉), and Lingyu Piao1,3 (✉)

Solar-driven seawater splitting is a promising strategy to obtain clean hydrogen energy.
2020, 13(9): 2313–2322
Published: 19 June 2020

Chun Xu1,2,3, Lan Xiao4, Yuxue Cao1, Yan He1,5,6, Chang Lei7, Yin Xiao4, Wujin Sun2,3, Samad Ahadian2,3, Xueting Zhou8, Ali Khademhosseini2,3,9,10,11 (✉), and Qingsong Ye5,6,† (✉)

Mesoporous silica rods with large cone-shaped pores reduce the pro-inflammatory reaction of stimulated macrophage and deliver bone morphogenetic proteins 2 for bone repairing.
2020, 13(9): 2323–2331
Published: 23 April 2020

Karolina A. Drogowska-Horna1,§, Inam Mirza2,§, Alvaro Rodriguez1,§, Petr Kovaíek1 (*), Juraj Sládek2,3, Thibault J.-Y. Derrien2, Mindaugas Gedvilas4, Gediminas Raiukaitis4, Otakar Frank1, Nadezhda M. Bulgakova2, and Martin Kalbá1 (*)

Laser induced periodic surface structures created on the silicon/ silicon dioxide wafers imprints the periodicity into two-dimensional (2D) materials placed on them through doping. The periodic doping modulation can be exploited to create patterns of 2D material functionalization density.
2020, 13(9): 2332–2339
Published: 16 June 2020

Yue Huang1,§, Qiang Gao1,§, Xu Li1, Yifan Gao1, Haijie Han2, Qiao Jin1 (*), Ke Yao2, and Jian Ji1

The combination of antibiotics and photothermal therapy (PTT) was adopted to effectively eliminate MRSA infection at mild temperature and retard the development of antibiotic resistance.
2020, 13(9): 2340–2350
Published: 01 June 2020

Carlos Fernández-Lodeiro1,2, Javier Fernández-Lodeiro3,4, Enrique Carbó-Argibay5, Carlos Lodeiro3,4, Jorge Pérez-Juste1,2 (*), and Isabel Pastoriza-Santos1,2 (*)

A seeded-growth method based on Fe(II) as a reducing agent has been proposed for the synthesis of highly uniform citrate-stabilized Au, Au@Ag and Au@Pd plasmonic spheres at room temperature and with tuneable size control.
2020, 13(9): 2351–2355
Published: 29 May 2020

Linna Dai1, Qing Sun1, Lina Chen3 (*), Huanhuan Guo1, Xiangkun Nie1, Jun Cheng1, Jianguang Guo1, Jianwei Li1, Jun Lou2 (*), and Lijie Ci1,3 (*)

Ag doped urchin-like α-MnO2 provides more active sites and promotes the formation of film-like Li2O2. LOB with Ag doped urchin-like α-MnO2 catalyst exhibits excellent cycle stability compared with LOBs with KB and unmodified α-MnO2 catalysts.
2020, 13(9): 2356–2364
Published: 25 June 2020

Yezhou Hu1, Yun Lu1, Xueru Zhao2, Tao Shen1, Tonghui Zhao1, Mingxing Gong1, Ke Chen1, Chenglong Lai1, Jian Zhang1, Huolin L. Xin3, and Deli Wang1 (*)

N-doped carbon encapsulated ordered Pd-Fe intermetallics fabricated by one-pot heat-treatment strategy delivers enhanced oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performance and anti-poisoning capacity.
2020, 13(9): 2365–2370
Published: 16 June 2020

Jinjun Lin1, Hong Wang1, Roland Yingjie Tay2, Hongling Li1, Maziar Shakerzadeh1, Siu Hon Tsang2, Zheng Liu3 (*), and Edwin Hang Tong Teo1,3 (*)

A scalable chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth of highly crystalline and vertically aligned MoTe2 on Mo foil is introduced. This versatile growth strategy was further employed to fabricate other vertically aligned transition metal dichalcogenides such as TaTe2 and MoSe2.
2020, 13(9): 2371–2377
Published: 25 June 2020

Fatme Jardali1, Christoph Lechner1, Maurizio De Crescenzi2, Manuela Scarselli2, Isabelle Berbezier3, Paola Castrucci2, and Holger Vach1 (*)

Charge modulations caused by quantum interferences (QI) on graphene guide Si atoms to self-assemble to the unique (√3×√3)R30° honeycomb atomic arrangement. The limited extend of those QI leads to the experimentally observed transition from 2D to 3D growth at the outskirts of the silicene islands.
2020, 13(9): 2378–2383
Published: 25 June 2020