Volume 14

Issue 10,2021

(40 articles)


Shu-Hong Yu1 (✉), Xiangfeng Duan2 (✉), Yi Xie1 (✉), Peidong Yang3 (✉), and Yadong Li4 (✉)

2021, 14(10): 3337–3342

Shanshan Zhang1,§, Yingzhou Li2,§, Lei Feng1, Qingwang Xue3, Zhiyong Gao4, Chenho Tung1, and Di Sun1 (✉)

Two superatom gold selenido nanoclusters with different kernel geometric and electronic structure were obtained by tuning surface diphosphine ligand. They showed interesting thermochromic luminescence and gas-phase fragmentation phenomenon.
2021, 14(10): 3343–3351
Published: 04 June 2021

Bowang Shu, Yajing Chang, Jinhua Zhang, Xiaopeng Cheng, and Dabin Yu (✉)

Ce3+-doped CsPbI3 quantum dots (QDs) with near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) and stable photoluminescence (PL) emission were successfully synthesized, and photoluminescence kinetics process of the QDs was fully investigated.
2021, 14(10): 3352–3357
Published: 02 July 2021

Nazakat Ali1, Tsegaye Tadesse Tsega1, Yucai Cao2, Saghir Abbas1, Wenjing Li1, Asma Iqbal1, Hira Fazal1, Zhiling Xin3 (✉), Jiantao Zai1 (✉), and Xuefeng Qian1 (✉)

Plasmonic Cu3−xSnS4 (x = 0–0.8) with copper vacancies was fabricated via economical solvothermal process. The optimal H2 evolution rate of pure phase copper tin sulfide (CTS) flowerlike microspheres was 9.6 mmol·g−1·h−1 under visible–near infrared (vis–NIR) (λ > 420 nm) light irradiation even without using any co-catalyst.
2021, 14(10): 3358–3364
Published: 09 June 2021

Ming Cheng1, Lan Yang1, Huiyi Li1, Wei Bai1, Chong Xiao1,2 (✉), and Yi Xie1,2 (✉)

The Fe-doped Bi2WO6 nanosheets with oxygen vacancies were synthesized to obtain enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic water oxidation efficiency. The improvement resulted from the regulation of band structure of the catalysts, and construction of charge transfer channel by vacancy-related localized electron distribution.
2021, 14(10): 3365–3371
Published: 04 June 2021

Xuefei Liu1, Yanmei Li1, Junzheng Zhang1, and Jun Lu1,2 (✉)

This work prompts the development of nitrogen fixation in a sustainable way. And the Ni/V-layered double hydroxide (Ni/V-LDHs) nanosheets were prepared through aqueous miscible organic solvent (AMO) method, and was used as the photocatalyst for reducing nitrogen to ammonia, to achieve the higher yield of ammonia.
2021, 14(10): 3372–3378
Published: 09 July 2021

Yongxu Yan1,2, Wenhao Ran1,2, Zhexin Li1,2, Linlin Li1,2, Zheng Lou1 (✉), and Guozhen Shen1,2 (✉)

A modification method of preventing nanowires from oxidizing is demonstrated. After modifying the surface of Cd3As2 nanowires with sulfur, a layer of CdS is formed to remove electron traps in oxidization layer and lower electron barrier, which can extend carrier lifetime and increase near-infrared (NIR) photocurrent. This study suggests an effective method to stop oxidization and promote photoresponse performance.
2021, 14(10): 3379–3385
Published: 03 March 2021

Su You, Li Zhang, and Qing Yang (✉)

High-quality unconventionally anisotropic PbSe nanorods grown along <112> direction have been synthesized by a solution-phase strategy under solution–solid–solid growth regime over the catalysis of bcc-Ag2Se. The PbSe nanorods were applied for fabrication of a broadband photodetector, which exhibits excellent performance with a high responsivity of 0.78 A·W–1 and a fast response time of 17.5 μs.
2021, 14(10): 3386–3394
Published: 29 May 2021

Chao Ma1,2,§, Dong Xu1,§, Peiqi Wang3, Zhaoyang Lin3, Jingyuan Zhou3, Chuancheng Jia3, Jin Huang1, Shengtao Li2, Yu Huang1,4 (✉), and Xiangfeng Duan3,4 (✉)

Solution-processed two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals thin film transistor (vdW-TFT) active matrix combined with microstructured rubber electrodes enables high-performance spatially resolved pressure sensing.
2021, 14(10): 3395–3401
Published: 04 September 2021

Wei Liu, Wentao Li, Yahui Li, Junfang Li, Hua Bai, Mingqiang Zou, and Guangcheng Xi (✉)

MoO2 hollow nanosphere with a strong surface plasmon resonance effect in the visible light region exhibits an excellent surface enhanced Raman scattering effect, which can be efficiently used as Raman probes to perform three-dimensional cell imaging.
2021, 14(10): 3402–3406
Published: 09 July 2021