Volume 14

Issue 09,2021

(37 articles)


2021, 14(9): 2885–2887

Dongyuan Zhao (✉)

2021, 14(9): 2888–2890

Bin Kan1, Faheem Ershad2, Zhoulyu Rao3, and Cunjiang Yu1,2,3,4,5 (✉)

In this article, the high-performance organic photovoltaic materials, flexible organic solar cell devices, and their applications in the biomedical devices are briefly reviewed.
2021, 14(9): 2891–2903
Published: 21 March 2021

Young Jin Yoo1,§, Se-Yeon Heo1,§, Yeong Jae Kim2,§, Joo Hwan Ko1, Zafrin Ferdous Mira1, and Young Min Song1,3,4 (✉)

The convergence of functional photonic structures and wearable technology will open up the possibility of ubiquitous advances in external/internal care on the human body. This review summarizes recent advances in the design and development of functional photonic structures for external interaction with flexible/wearable devices.
2021, 14(9): 2904–2918
Published: 06 March 2021

Jun-Kyul Song1,2,§, Min Sung Kim1,2,§, Seungwon Yoo1,3,§, Ja Hoon Koo1, and Dae-Hyeong Kim1,2,3,4 (✉)

The most representative soft optoelectronics of photodetectors and light-emitting diodes are expected to overcome the obstacles of the conventional optoelectronics. In this review, recent progress in the development of soft optoelectronic materials and devices are discussed.
2021, 14(9): 2919–2937
Published: 16 April 2021

Seung Gi Seo, Seung Yeob Kim, Jinheon Jeong, and Sung Hun Jin (✉)

Studies on photodetectors by low dimensional materials have been actively investigated, however, most of research have focused on single device-type photodetector (i.e., photo-diode or photo-transistor). In this review, low dimensional materials based circuit level photodetectors, which are core elements as the form of either inverters or ring oscillators for demonstration of light-to-frequency circuits (LFCs), are introduced.
2021, 14(9): 2938–2964
Published: 26 June 2021

Sang-Hyeon Nam1,§, Gayea Hyun1,§, Donghwi Cho1, Seonggon Han1, Gwangmin Bae1, Haomin Chen1,2, Kisun Kim1, Youngjin Ham1, Junyong Park3,4 (✉), and Seokwoo Jeon1,5 (✉)

Proximity-field nanopatterning (PnP) is an efficient fabrication method specialized for three-dimensional (3D) periodic nanostructures. This review paper introduces basic principles and development processes to offer a comprehensive understanding and outlook of PnP.
2021, 14(9): 2965–2980
Published: 07 April 2021

Ya Li1,§, Wei Ling1,§, Xinyu Liu1, Xue Shang1, Pan Zhou1, Zhaorun Chen1, Hang Xu1, and Xian Huang1,2 (✉)

This paper reviews the biochemical sensors based on metalorganic frameworks (MOFs) and discusses the feasibility to achieve implantable biochemical sensing through MOFs-based flexible electronics, which may benefit future applications in personal healthcare, disease diagnosis, and fundamental study of various biological processes.
2021, 14(9): 2981–3009
Published: 10 April 2021

Arijit Sarkar, Yongjun Lee, and Jong-Hyun Ahn (✉)

This review summarizes research progress of various Si nanomembrane technologies from the point of view of material characteristic improvement and various functional applications from flexible stretchable electronics, through optoelectronics and biosensors to strain engineered devices.
2021, 14(9): 3010–3032
Published: 15 April 2021

Yadong Xu1, Qihui Fei1, Margaret Page2, Ganggang Zhao2, Yun Ling2, Dick Chen3, and Zheng Yan1,2 (✉)

The synthesis of laser-induced porous graphene (LIG) and its electrical, mechanical, and antibacterial properties and biocompatibility are summarized. And, the applications of LIG in biophysical sensors, biochemical sensors, and soft actuators are overviewed.
2021, 14(9): 3033–3050
Published: 07 April 2021