Volume 12

Issue 01,2019

(30 articles)


Dan Zhao, Lihui Zhang, Chengcheng Fu, Jinying Zhang (*), and Chunming Niu

Phosphorus structures are promising anodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries. The phosphorus allotropes, lithiation/sodiation mechanism of different phosphorus, and the electrochemical performances of phosphorus composites according to different hierarchical structures have been reviewed in this work.
2019, 12(1): 1–17
Published: 15 October 2018

Gi-Cheol Son1,§, Deuk-Kyu Hwang3,§, Jaewon Jang1, Sang-Soo Chee1, Kyusang Cho1, Jae-Min Myoung3 (*), and Moon-Ho Ham1,2 (*)

A protective coating based on highly structured reduced graphene oxide (RGO)/graphene oxide (GO) applied to metal plates is developed by spray coating and subsequent well-controlled annealing. The coating exhibits superior corrosion resistance and adhesion strength compared to those of GO-and RGO-only coatings.
2019, 12(1): 19–23
Published: 3 April 2018

Sarah R. McKibbin1 (*), Sofie Yngman1, Olivier Balmes2, Bengt O. Meuller1, Simon Tgerud1, Maria E. Messing1, Giuseppe Portale3, Michael Sztucki4, Knut Deppert1, Lars Samuelson1, Martin H. Magnusson1, Edvin Lundgren1, and Anders Mikkelsen1 (*)

We use high-brilliance synchrotron radiation for in situ characterization of aerosol nanoparticles synthesized by spark generation. The nano-aerosol is investigated at various stages of synthesis within the production environment to reveal structural characteristics at ultra-dilute concentrations, even after filtering to produce an industrially relevant narrow size distribution with volume fractions below 3 × 10-10.
2019, 12(1): 25–31
Published: 3 September 2018

Huaiyu Li1,§, Lihan Zhang1,§, Long Li1,§, Chaowen Wu1,§, Yajiao Huo1, Ying Chen1, Xijun Liu1 (*), Xiaoxing Ke2 (*), Jun Luo1 (*), and Gustaaf Van Tendeloo3,4

We demonstrate a novel strategy to synthesize graphene-graphite films (GGFs) by heating insect wings coated with FeCl3 in N2 atmosphere. The GGFs exhibited unparalleled performance for catalyzing the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media.
2019, 12(1): 33–39
Published: 30 August 2018

Congcong Xu1, Hui Li1, Kaiming Zhang2, Daniel W. Binzel1, Hongran Yin1, Wah Chiu2,3, and Peixuan Guo1 (*)

2019, 12(1): 41–48
Published: 17 September 2018

Zhimin Wang1, Paul Kumar Upputuri2, Xu Zhen2, Ruochong Zhang3, Yuyan Jiang2, Xiangzhao Ai1, Zhijun Zhang1, Ming Hu1, Zhenyu Meng1, Yunpeng Lu1, Yuanjing Zheng3, Kanyi Pu2, Manojit Pramanik2 (*), and Bengang Xing1 (*)

A pH-sensitive and biodegradable organic charge-transfer nanocomplex acts as new class of photoacoustic probe for tumor acidic microenvironment imaging in the second near-infrared window.
2019, 12(1): 49–55
Published: 29 August 2018

Wanhao Cai§, Chen Xiao§, Linmao Qian, and Shuxun Cui (*)

By removing the solvent molecules and surface adsorbed water in high vacuum, the situation of the forces exerted on the surface adsorbed molecule is greatly simplified. The van der Waals forces between a single polymer repeating unit and a solid surface have been successfully measured by atomic force microscopy (AFM)- based single-molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) in high vacuum.
2019, 12(1): 57–61
Published: 28 August 2018

Peng Zheng1,§, Haibin Tang1,§, Botong Liu1,2, Sujan Kasani1,3, Ling Huang2 (*), and Nianqiang Wu1 (*)

Cu nanocubes are found to support strong plasmonic corner mode, which is spectrally separated from interband transitions. This opens opportunities for the development of inexpensive copper-based plasmonic nanomaterials.
2019, 12(1): 63–68
Published: 31 August 2018

Shuiyun Shen1, Aiming Wu1, Guofeng Xia1, Guanghua Wei2, Xiaohui Yan1, Yao Zhang1, Fengjuan Zhu1, Jiewei Yin1, and Junliang Zhang1 (*)

Unique 3D macroporous α-MnO2/MWCNTs electrode improves capacity and durability of Li-O2 batteries.
2019, 12(1): 69–75
Published: 22 September 2018

Arramel1 (*), Hu Pan2, Aozhen Xie3,4,5, Songyan Hou3,4, Xinmao Yin1,6, Chi Sin Tang1,6,7, Nguyen T. Hoa3, Muhammad D. Birowosuto3, Hong Wang3,4, Cuong Dang3,4,5 (*), Andrivo Rusydi1,6,8, Andrew T. S. Wee1,9,10, and Jishan Wu2 (*)

The interfacial electronic nature between two kinetically-blocked zethrene molecules on CsPbBr3 crystal is investigated. The directionality of charge transfer at the organic/perovskite interface is investigated using photoelectron spectroscopy.
2019, 12(1): 77–84
Published: 30 August 2018