Volume 12

Issue 09,2019

(45 articles)


Hailiang Wang1 (*) and Hongjie Dai2 (*)

2019, 12(9): 1975–1977
Published: 31 August 2019

Yaqun Wang1 (*), Yu Ding2, Xuelin Guo2, and Guihua Yu2 (*)

This review summarizes the material and structural design for conductive polymer-based stretchable supercapacitors and discusses the challenge and important directions in this emerging field.
2019, 12(9): 1978–1987
Published: 25 January 2019

Vikram Singh1,2,§, Soeun Kim1,2,§, Jungtaek Kang1, and Hye Ryung Byon1,2 (*)

Recent developments in aqueous organic redox flow batteries, including the molecular design and the corresponding cycling performance as these organic redox molecules are employed as either the negolyte or posolyte. New strategies using nanotechnology and our perspective for the future development of this rapidly growing field are included.
2019, 12(9): 1988–2001
Published: 21 March 2019

Xue Wang1,2, Tianyang Wang2, James Borovilas2, Xiaodong He1 (), Shanyi Du1 (), and Yuan Yang2 ()

This review summarizes battery kinetics to illustrate the importance of low tortuosity in electrodes, and then introduces various methods to create vertically aligned nanostructures, such as direct growth, templating and microfabrications.
2019, 12(9): 2002–2017,
Published: 24 April 2019

Chenglong Zhao1,2, Yaxiang Lu1,2 (), Liquan Chen1, and Yong-Sheng Hu1,2,3 ()

The potential strategies on designing layered oxide cathodes of Na-ion batteries have been introduced through the discussion of Ni-based cathode materials.
2019, 12(9): 2018, –2030
Published: 27 June 2019

Song Bai1,2 (), Chao Gao2, Jingxiang Low2, and Yujie Xiong2 ()

Phase design of photocatalytic materials has shown great promise for enhanced performance in energy and environmental applications. This review summarizes the state-of-the-art progress on the phase-engineered photocatalytic materials with fundamental mechanisms.
2019, 12(9): 2031–2054
Published: 22 December 2018

Yuqing Wang, Yuqin Zou (*), Li Tao, Yanyong Wang, Gen Huang, Shiqian Du, and Shuangyin Wang (*)

This review covers a summarization of design principles and synthetic strategies for triple-phase interfaces to optimize electrocatalytic performance of gas-involving electrocatalysis.
2019, 12(9): 2055–2066
Published: 5 March 2019

Tingting Sun1, Lianbin Xu2, Dingsheng Wang1 (*), and Yadong Li1

We summarize the recent progress in the synthesis and characterization of metal-organic framework (MOF)-derived single atom catalysts, mainly focusing on their electrocatalytic applications in the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), oxygen evolution reaction (OER), and CO2 reduction.
2019, 12(9): 2067–2080
Published: 11 March 2019

Juliana Carneiro and Eranda Nikolla ()

In this perspective, we discuss the progress in nanoengineering electrodes for solid oxide electrochemical cells (SOCs), highlighting the advantages and challenges of the use of nano-electrocatalysts. We suggest approaches that merge important nanoengineering strategies in order to obtain nanostructured electrodes with optimal electrocatalytic activity, selectivity and stability.
2019, 12(9): 2081–2092
Published: 30 March 2019

Nathan Corbin, Joy Zeng, Kindle Williams, and Karthish Manthiram (*)

Molecular catalysts immobilized onto electrodes are discussed for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction. The various underlying factors and design strategies contributing to observed performance are discussed to provide an overview of the field.
2019, 12(9): 2093–2125
Published: 1 May 2019