Volume 4

Issue 01,2011

(13 articles)

Dan Wang, Yanguang Li, Panitat Hasin, and Yiying Wu ()

Large-area electroactive graphene thin films grafted with methylene blue (MB) have been developed as electrocatalytic electrodes for the oxidation of β-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH).
2011, 4(1): 124–130

Chun-Ran Chang, Yang-Gang Wang, and Jun Li ()

Hydroperoxyl (OOH) and hydroxyl (OH) radicals are readily formed on subnanometer gold clusters from co-adsorbed H2O and O2. The propene epoxidation occurs easily through reactions between C3H6 and the weakened O–O bond of the OOH radicals on surfaces of gold clusters.
2011, 4(1): 131–142

Morgana A. Ribas1, Abhishek K. Singh1, 2, Pavel B. Sorokin1, and Boris I. Yakobson1 ()

Ab initio calculations show that a stable insulating “2D-Teflon”CF phase forms without a nucleation barrier on fluorination of graphene, in contrast to hydrogenation of graphene. The “2D-Teflon”CF phase is a perfect matrix-host for patterning nanoroads and quantum dots.
2011, 4(1): 143–152