Volume 7

Issue 07,2014

(15 articles)


Jin Cheng, Renchao Che (*), Chongyun Liang, Jiwei Liu, Min Wang, and Junjie Xu

Hierarchical hollow Li4Ti5O12 urchin microspheres with ultra-high specific surface area of over 140 m2·g–1 have been successfully synthesized and have a high specific capacity of 120 mA·h·g–1 at 20 C. Electron energy loss spectroscopy at different charge–discharge stages reveals the charge–discharge chemical state valence change of the hierarchical hollow Li4Ti5O12 urchin-like microspheres.
2014, 7(7): 1043–1053

Dekang Huang, Yanping Luo, Shaohui Li, Bingyan Zhang, Yan Shen (*), and Mingkui Wang (*)

A catalyst based on CoO@Co/N–C nanocomposite exhibits high electrocatalytic activity towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline solutions with a dominant four-electron pathway, long- term stability and excellent methanol tolerance.
2014, 7(7): 1054–1064

Xuezeng Tian, Lifen Wang, Jiake Wei, Shize Yang, Wenlong Wang, Zhi Xu (*), and Xuedong Bai (*)

Real-time imaging of the filament growth process of a resistive memory has been achieved using a specially designed sample. By combining the in situ TEM technique and finite element method simulations, the correlation between the conductive filament growth and the electric field distribution and several other factors has been demonstrated.
2014, 7(7): 1065–1072

Xianfu Wang1,2, Bin Liu2, Xiaojuan Hou2, Qiufan Wang2, Wenwu Li2, Di Chen2, and Guozhen Shen1 (*)

An ultralong-life and high-rate web-like Li4Ti5O12 anode assembled with nanowires has been fabricated for use in flexible lithium-ion batteries, and exhibits excellent flexibility combined with high rate capability and cycling stability even in the bent state.
2014, 7(7): 1073–1082

Guofeng Hu1,§, Ranran Zhou1,§, Ruomeng Yu2,§, Lin Dong1, Caofeng Pan1 (*), and Zhong Lin Wang1,2 (*)

This work provides a new approach to markedly improve the sensitivity and sensing resolution, as well as significantly enhance the signal level, of Schottky-contact structured micro/nanowire sensing systems by means of the piezotronic effect.
2014, 7(7): 1083–1091