Volume 11

Issue 06,2018

(51 articles)


Youqi Zhu1,2, Tai Cao2, Chuanbao Cao1 (*), Xilan Ma1, Xingyan Xu1, and Yadong Li2 (*)

We herein report a novel direct pyrolytic conversion strategy for the gram-scale preparation of monolayer graphene from solid carbon sources in the presence of Na2CO3.
2018, 11(6): 3088–3095
Published: 22 May 2018

Bao Dong Chen1,2,§, Wei Tang1,2,§, Chi Zhang1,2,§, Liang Xu1,2, Lai Pan Zhu1,2, Lei Jing Yang1,2, Chuan He1,2, Jian Chen1,2, Long Liu1,2, Tao Zhou1,2, and Zhong Lin Wang1,2,3 (*)

For the enhancement of output from triboelectric nanogenerators, in combination with corona charging, a new embedded-nanocapacitorstructure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) impregnated with gold nanoparticles is introduced for the improvement of surface charge density. The triboelectric nanogenerator's output performance is greatly enhanced and its surface charge density is systematically studied, which shows significant room for the improvement of the output of triboelectric nanogenerators by modification of tribomaterials.
2018, 11(6): 3096–3105
Published: 22 May 2018

Haina Ci1,2, Huaying Ren1,2, Yue Qi1,2, Xudong Chen1, Zhaolong Chen1, Jincan Zhang1,2, Yanfeng Zhang1,3 (*), and Zhongfan Liu1 (*)

The direct synthesis of vertically-oriented graphene (VG) nanosheets on 6-inch traditional soda-lime glass was achieved by a dc-PECVD route at 580 °C. Particularly, the achieved VG nanosheets/glass hybrid materials exhibit excellent solarthermal performances, and show great promise in the engineering of versatile applications in future transparent green warmth construction materials.
2018, 11(6): 3106–3115
Published: 22 May 2018

Dapeng Zhao1,§, Liguo Zhang1,§, Iftikhar Ahmed Malik2,§, Menghan Liao1, Wenqiang Cui1, Xinqiang Cai1, Cheng Zheng1, Luxin Li1, Xiaopeng Hu1, Ding Zhang1,3, Jinxing Zhang2, Xi Chen1,3, Wanjun Jiang1,3 (*), and Qikun Xue1,3 (*)

Unconventional anomalous Hall effect is observed in epitaxial CrTe thin films grown on SrTiO3 substrates by molecular beam epitaxy.
2018, 11(6): 3116–3121
Published: 22 May 2018

Madeline Vara1 and Younan Xia1,2 (*)

By controlling the kinetic pathway, solution reduction versus surface reduction, we developed a one-pot, room-temperature method for the synthesis of Pd concave nanocubes.
2018, 11(6): 3122–3131
Published: 22 May 2018

Tingting Cui1,2, Xiulian Pan1 (*), Jinhu Dong1,2, Shu Miao1, Dengyun Miao1, and Xinhe Bao1 (*)

We present a facile and versatile method for efficiently encapsulating various non-precious metal, metal oxide and metal carbide nanoparticles, including Mo, W, V, Mn, Fe, and Co, inside singlewalled carbon nanotubes with a diameter of 1–2 nm.
2018, 11(6): 3132–3144
Published: 22 May 2018

Xianglin Pei1,§, Yi Deng1,§, Bo Duan1, Ting-Shan Chan2, Jyh-Fu Lee2, Aiwen Lei1 (*), and Lina Zhang1 (*)

Chitin microspheres consisting of nanowires were used as micro-environmental supports to anchor ultra-small Pd clusters. The supported Pd-cluster catalysts exhibited superior catalytic activity and stability for the hydrogenation of nitroarenes, suggesting potential industrial applicability.
2018, 11(6): 3145–3153
Published: 22 May 2018

Nannan Mao1, Shishu Zhang1, Jinxiong Wu1, Huihui Tian1, Juanxia Wu1, Hua Xu2, Hailin Peng1, Lianming Tong1 (*), and Jin Zhang1 (*)

Owing to its natural linear dichroism and birefringence, layered black phosphorus (BP) with a nanometer thickness can remarkably alter the polarization state of a linearly-polarized laser and behave as an ultrathin optical polarization element in a BP-Bi2Se3 stacking structure, by inducing the exceptional polarized Raman scattering of the isotropic Bi2Se3.
2018, 11(6): 3154–3163
Published: 22 May 2018

Yan Liu1,2, Datao Tu1, Wei Zheng1 (*), Lianyu Lu1, Wenwu You1,2, Shanyong Zhou1, Ping Huang1, Renfu Li1, and Xueyuan Chen1,2 (*)

We developed a novel strategy for the accurate detection of glucose in human serum and whole blood, based on an upconversion nanoparticles-polydopamine nanosystem through the simple mixing of test samples with ligand-free upconversion nanoparticles, dopamine, and glucose oxidase.
2018, 11(6): 3164–3174
Published: 22 May 2018

Kai Wang, Haifeng Lin, Bing Ni, Haoyi Li, Muhammad Aurang Zeb Gul Sial, Haozhou Yang, Jing Zhuang, and Xun Wang (*)

Pd nanoclusters (diameter: 1.8 nm) were assembled into aligned centimeter-size honeycomb structures via a directional freezing process. The ultra-small inorganic core and the interactions between the building blocks were identified as the key factors for the assembly.
2018, 11(6): 3175–3181
Published: 22 May 2018