Volume 11

Issue 11,2018

(31 articles)


Ngoc Minh Tran, Hien Duy Mai, and Hyojong Yoo (*)

Zinc-based coordination polymer nanocubes are controllably synthesized and post-modified by copper.
2018, 11(11): 5890–5901
Published: 5 June 2018

Yuhao Wang1, Lindong Li1, Ke Wu1, Rui Si2, Lingdong Sun1 (*), and Chunhua Yan1 (*)

In this article, we report that Pt–Re bimetallic nanoparticles with various compositions performed differently in the etherification of allylic alcohols, showing a strong correlation with the oxidation level of Re. The catalytically active sites were associated with ReOx and could be tuned by adjusting the Pt ratio.
2018, 11(11): 5902–5912
Published: 5 June 2018

Erling Zhao1, Liguo Gao1 (*), Shuzhang Yang1, Likun Wang1, Junmei Cao1, and Tingli Ma2 (*)

2D SnS2 material has been in situ fabricated and used as ETL in PSCs, where large interlayer spacing of SnS2 benefits the intercalation of perovskite particles, higher electronic conductivity leads to fast electron extraction speed.
2018, 11(11): 5913–5923
Published: 8 June 2018

Andreas Ngelein1 (*), Matthias Steidl1, Stefan Korte2,3, Bert Voigtlnder2,3, Werner Prost4, Peter Kleinschmidt1, and Thomas Hannappel1 (*)

Advanced electrical characterization of free-standing, as-grown GaAs nanowires (NW) was demonstrated with high spatial resolution. Combining a multi-probe STM in vacuo with state-of-the-art preparation, we revealed the conductivity profiles and impact of NW surface modifications on their electrical properties.
2018, 11(11): 5924–5934
Published: 11 June 2018

Ziyao Zhou1,3, Changyong Lan1,2, SenPo Yip1,3,4, Renjie Wei1,3, Dapan Li1,3, Lei Shu1,3,4, and Johnny C. Ho1,3,4 (*)

Utilizing ambient-pressure chemical vapor deposition, highly crystalline, uniform, and thin In2xGa2-2xO3 nanowires (NWs) with controllable composition and diameter, down to 30 nm, are successfully prepared. When configured into a field-effect transistor, the optimized In1.8Ga0.2O3 NW exhibits significantly enhanced electron mobility, up to 750 cm2·V−1·s−1, as compared with that of pure In2O3 NW. Highly ordered NW parallel arrayed devices are also fabricated to demonstrate their potential for next-generation high-performance electronics, sensors, etc.
2018, 11(11): 5935–5945
Published: 14 June 2018

Holger Büch1, Antonio Rossi1,2, Stiven Forti1, Domenica Convertino1,2, Valentina Tozzini2, and Camilla Coletti1,3 (*)

In this work, a combined experimental and theoretical study reveals superlubricity of monolayer tungsten disulfide on graphene, triggered by a scanning probe tip.
2018, 11(11): 5946–5956
Published: 18 June 2018

Qingfei Liu1,4,§, Nannan Han2,3,§, Shengbai Zhang3, Jijun Zhao2 (*), Fan Yang1 (*), and Xinhe Bao1 (*)

Surface herringbone ridges of Au(111) confine the atomic structures of two-dimensional cuprous oxide.
2018, 11(11): 5957–5967
Published: 20 June 2018

Wanzhen Lin1, Yaping Lian1, Guang Zeng2 (*), Yanyan Chen1, Zhenhai Wen2 (*), and Huanghao Yang1 (*)

High-stability atomically thin antimonene (~0.5 nm) was prepared by liquid phase exfoliation of bulk β-antimony powder under an ultrahigh sonication power (850 W). Due to its ultrathin buckled honeycomb structure, the atomically thin antimonene delivers high specific capacity (860 mA·h·g-1), high rate capability, and good cycling stability as an anode of a sodium-ion battery.
2018, 11(11): 5968–5977
Published: 13 June 2018

Zhen Li1, Wencao Yang1, Yaroslav Losovyj2 (*), Jun Chen2, Enzhi Xu1, Haoming Liu1, Madilynn Werbianskyj1, Herbert A. Fertig1, Xingchen Ye2, and Shixiong Zhang1 (*)

Large-size NbS2 nanoflakes down to bilayers were synthesized via a novel sulfurization approach. The oxidation process is studied, revealing the importance of surface passivation for practical applications of NbS2 nanoflakes.
2018, 11(11): 5978–5988
Published: 20 June 2018

Xiaoping Li1, Zhisen Liang1, Shudi Zhang1, Tongtong Wang1, and Wei Hang1,2 (*)

Nanosecond laser-induced tip-enhanced ablation and ionization mass spectrometry technique demonstrates its capablility of achieving crater-size and mass spectrometry imaging resolution in sub-micrometer-scale.
2018, 11(11): 5989–5996
Published: 20 June 2018