Volume 13

Issue 06,2020

(36 articles)


Jee-Yeon Ryu1, You Jung Choi2, Eun-Jeong Won1, Emmanuel Hui3, Ho-Shik Kim2, Young-Seok Cho2 (*), and Tae-Jong Yoon1 (*)

The Cas9 and single-guide RNA (sgRNA) complex encapsulated nano-liposomal particle as a delivery carrier shows a high therapeutic effect with minimal side effects for the treatment of colorectal tumors using clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat and associated Cas9 nuclease (CRISPR/Cas9) gene editing technology, which has drug resistance due to a KRAS gene point mutation.
2020, 13(6): 1576–1585
Published: 4 April 2020

Seyyedesadaf Pournia1, Samuel Linser1, Giriraj Jnawali1, Howard E. Jackson1, Leigh M. Smith1 (*), Amira Ameruddin2, Philippe Caroff2, Jennifer Wong-Leung2, Hark Hoe Tan2, Chennupati Jagadish2, and Hannah J. Joyce3

This paper uses polarized photocurrent spectroscopy to investigate the band structure of Wurtzite InAs nanowires. Selection rules by group theory enable assignment of peaks which are compared with theoretical calculations.
2020, 13(6): 1586–1591
Published: 14 April 2020

Mingyue Cui1,2, Christian Wiraja2, Lim Wei Qi4, Sharon Chew Wan Ting2, Deblin Jana4, Mengjia Zheng2, Xiao Hu1,3, and Chenjie Xu1,2,5,6 (*)

This report introduces a dual-functionalized (aminated, PEGylated) porous silica nanoparticle system which could be conjugated with different molecules for versatile tracking of bacteria and cancer cells in one step.
2020, 13(6): 1592–1596
Published: 2 May 2020

Sarra Mitiche1,, Sylvie Marguet2, Fabrice Charra1, and Ludovic Douillard1 (*)

A simple group theory method is proposed to describe the plasmonic response of particles of finite or infinite symmetry point groups.
2020, 13(6): 1597–1603
Published: 16 April 2020

Lingfeng Gao1,§, Guoqun Zhang2,§, Jie Cai1, Liang Huang2 (*), Jun Zhou2, and Lina Zhang1 (*)

Two-dimensional (2D) hierarchical porous carbon nanosheets with abundant N/O/P doping were massively fabricated via a facile stripping and carbonization method from natural chitin for highrate energy storage.
2020, 13(6): 1604–1613
Published: 14 May 2020

Jinhua Wang§, Bin Song§, Jiali Tang, Guyue Hu, Jingyang Wang, Mingyue Cui, and Yao He (*)

A kind of silicon (Si)-based material, i.e., metal–organic frameworks (MOFs)-encapsulated Si nanoparticles (MOFs@SiNPs), is synthesized through microwave irradiation, which could exhibit pH-responsive fluorescence and room-temperature phosphorescence properties. We further demonstrate the resultant MOFs@SiNPs-based ink could offer multi-modal security, suitable for higher-level information security against counterfeiting.
2020, 13(6): 1614–1619
Published: 14 May 2020

Shuai Tang1, Jie Tang1,2 (*), Ta-wei Chiu1,2, Wataru Hayami1, Jun Uzuhashi1, Tadakatsu Ohkubo1, Fumihiko Uesugi1, Masaki Takeguchi1, Masanori Mitome1, and Lu-Chang Qin3 (*)

By field evaporation and oxidation pretreatment, a single-crystalline HfC nanowire with an HfC1−xOx surface layer on its tip apex has been fabricated and characterized as a field-emission point electron source. The new electron source has excellent electron optical properties of long-term current stability, high beam brightness, low energy spread, and lower operational vacuum.
2020, 13(6): 1620–1626
Published: 12 May 2020

Xue Liu1,2, Sheng Liu2, Liubov Yu. Antipina3,5,6, Yibo Zhu7, Jinliang Ning1, Jinyu Liu1, Chunlei Yue1, Abin Joshy1, Yu Zhu4, Jianwei Sun1, Ana M Sanchez8, Pavel B. Sorokin3,5, Zhiqiang Mao1, Qihua Xiong2, and Jiang Wei1 (*)

Ultrathin semiconducting Ta2Pd3Se8 nanowires down to a few “unit ribbons” have been produced via liquid phase exfoliation, showing highly preserved crystallinity and stability.
2020, 13(6): 1627–1635
Published: 12 May 2020

Jiawen You1, Ye Yu2,, Kai Cai3,5, Dongming Zhou4, Haiming Zhu4, Renyan Wang3, Qingfu Zhang3, Hongwei Liu1, Yuting Cai1, Dong Lu6, Jang-Kyo KIM7, Lin Gan3,5 (*), Tianyou Zhai3 (*), and Zhengtang Luo1 (*)

A remarkable enhancement of near-infrared (NIR) response of two-dimensional (2D) materials is achieved by coupling with well-designed gold hollow nanorods.
2020, 13(6): 1636–1643
Published: 11 May 2020

Hao Liu, Lin Chen (*), Hao Zhu, Qing-Qing Sun (*), Shi-Jin Ding, Peng Zhou, and David Wei Zhang

ALD-grown MoS2 material with the application of top-gated transistors and logical circuits is proposed.
2020, 13(6): 1644–1650
Published: 23 April 2020