Volume 14

Issue 08,2021

(46 articles)


Chunhui Wang§, Yu Fan§, Jinyou Shao (✉), Zhengjie Yang, Jiaxing Sun, Hongmiao Tian, and Xiangming Li

A discretely-supported nanoimprint lithography technique was proposed to nanopatterning on the high-spatial-frequency stepped surface. Based on the proposed discretely-supported nanoimprint lithography (NIL), nanostructures were fabricated on the light emitting diode (LED) chips, with an increase by more than 40% in the optical output power.
2021, 14(8): 2606–2612
Published: 05 February 2021

Mukhtar L. Adam1,2,3, Zhanfeng Liu1, Oyawale A. Moses1, Xiaojun Wu2 (✉), and Li Song1 (✉)

The coexistence of superconductivity and topological features is induced by Sn intercalating TaSe2.
2021, 14(8): 2613–2619
Published: 23 December 2020

Seyed Mohsen Seraji1, Xing Jin2, Zhifeng Yi1, Chunfang Feng1, and Nisa V. Salim1,2 (✉)

This paper describes, for the first time, a simple architecture for a flexible ultrasensitive, compressive sensor with stable stress–current response and it can be used to detect body motions. Here we explore the use of a unique gelation and crystallization method of poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) with various loadings of graphene in a simple and sustainable method to fabricate porous microstructure without limit in size and shape.
2021, 14(8): 2620–2629
Published: 09 January 2021

Yafei Li1,2, Wen Lv2, Lang Wang3, Yaming Zhang1,2, Lipeng Yang4, Tianyi Wang1,2, Linyong Zhu4, Yufeng Wang3, and Weiping Wang1,2 (✉)

A prodrug-based photo-triggered drug delivery system achieved high drug loading capacity and nucleus targeting for cancer therapy, with extended targeting ability by simply changing targeting ligands.
2021, 14(8): 2630–2636
Published: 03 January 2021

Yangxin Jin1,2, Fengfeng Li1, Peixin Cui3, Yun Yang2, Qingping Ke1 (✉), Minh Ngoc Ha1,4, Wangcheng Zhan5, Fei Ruan1, Chao Wan1, Zhao Lei1, Van Noi Nguyen4, Wei Chen2 (✉), and Jun Tang1 (✉)

Nitrogen-doped MnxCo3–xO4 catalyst fabricated through interstitial N heteroatom-engineered oxygen vacancies for efficient aerobic dehydrogenation coupling of aromatic amine to azobenzene.
2021, 14(8): 2637–2643
Published: 27 February 2021

Yongjian Ai1, Jinzhi You1, Jianyi Gao2, Jiaping Wang2, Hong-bin Sun3, Mingyu Ding1, and Qionglin Liang1 (✉)

The fabricated Se@Me@MnO2 biocompatible nanozyme possess SOD-like, CAT-like and GPx-like activity, and exhibit high efficiency for intracellular antioxidation and anti-inflammation.
2021, 14(8): 2644–2653
Published: 25 January 2021

Ruixiang Yao1,§, Xun Li1,3,§, Nan Xiao2,§, Wengui Weng2 (✉), and Wenke Zhang1 (✉)

Dynamic ring opening-closing process of spirothiopyran and the Click reaction after isomerization were monitored at single molecule level by using atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based single molecule force spectroscopy.
2021, 14(8): 2654–2658
Published: 23 December 2020

Lei Yu1, Tingting Zhou1, Shuhua Cao1, Xishi Tai1, Lili Liu1, and Yao Wang2 (✉)

The ultralong Pt85Mo15-Se nanowires (NWs) with rich “interfacial active sites” were fabricated by using Se as promoter to demonstrate the enhanced catalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) performance triggered by the electronic and synergistic effect of PtMo/MoSex.
2021, 14(8): 2659–2665
Published: 28 December 2020

Jiecheng Cui1,2,§ (✉), Yi Li1,§, Huili Yuan1, Ning Gao2, Kai Feng2, Wenyun Li2, Kang Zhou2, Xianpeng Yin2, and Guangtao Li2 (✉)

In this work, an effective method of fabricating patchy particles with tunable spatial topology and chemical composition of patches is presented. The number, distribution, size and chemical property of the patches can be tailored by adjusting the packing of the colloidal particles and the processing condition.
2021, 14(8): 2666–2672
Published: 30 January 2021

Qin Chen1 (✉), Shichao Song2, Huacun Wang3, Li Liang1,3, Yajin Dong1, and Long Wen1 (✉)

Dual-resonance enhanced epsilon-near-zero electroabsorption modulation scheme enables a significant improvement of modulation depth-bandwidth product in a indium tin oxide (ITO) embedded metal-dielectric-metal structure.
2021, 14(8): 2673–2680
Published: 23 December 2020