Volume 9

Issue 01,2016

(23 articles)


Benjamin Papandrea1,§, Xu Xu1,2,§, Yuxi Xu1, Chih-Yen Chen3, Zhaoyang Lin1, Gongming Wang1, Yanzhu Luo2, Matthew Liu3,Yu Huang3,4, Liqiang Mai2 (*), and Xiangfeng Duan1,4 (*)

A free-standing mechanically strong 3D graphene–sulfur composite with high sulfur content (90%) is used to create lithium–sulfur battery cathode with a record-high capacity when normalized by the total mass of the electrode.
2016, 9(1): 240–248

Ke Chen1,2,§, Cong Li1,3,§, Zhaolong Chen1, Liurong Shi1, Sathish Reddy1, Huan Meng1, Qingqing Ji1, Yanfeng Zhang1,3 (*), and Zhongfan Liu1 (*)

A straightforward, bioinspired CVD strategy for growing large-quantity graphene flakes on cuttlebones is reported. The 3D highly crystalline graphene flakes provide a highly exposed surface to load MoSx catalysts for highly efficient hydrogen generation.
2016, 9(1): 249–259

Wanzhen Lin, Yuan Niu, Renyang Meng, Lin Huang, Hujia Cao, Zhenxing Zhang, Haiyan Qin, and Xiaogang Peng (*)

Thiol ligands are strong to offer outstanding solution processibility yet excellent luminescent properties for core/shell quantum dots with a reasonable shell thickness.
2016, 9(1): 260–271