Volume 9

Issue 12,2016

(32 articles)


Zhixiong Li, Ruizheng Liang, Simin Xu, Wendi Liu, Dongpeng Yan (*), Min Wei (*), David G. Evans, and Xue Duan

A light-controlled multi-dimensional fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) system with high FRET efficiency is demonstrated via assembly of zero-dimensional (0D) micelles onto two-dimensional (2D) inorganic nanosheets.
2016, 9(12): 3828–3838

Hehe Wei1,§, Xiaoguang Ma2,§, Liu Gu3,§, Jianqiang Li2 (*), Wenjie Si1, Gang Ou1,4, Wen Yu1, Chunsong Zhao1, Jiaying Li1,2, Mingjun Song1, Zhijian Peng3, and Hui Wu1 (*)

Defective TiO2 with excellent photocatalytic activity was generated by a quick and facile aerodynamic levitated laser annealing method.
2016, 9(12): 3839–3847

Xing Xiong§, Qi Zhang§, Lin Gan, Xing Zhou, Xiaonan Xing, Huiqiao Li, and Tianyou Zhai (*)

High quality In2S3 kinks were synthesized via a kinetically controlled thermal deposition process. The nanowire junctions reveal a degenerative photodetection performance, as compared to the straight arms, attributed to a stress-induced extra series resistance measured from the junction.
2016, 9(12): 3848–3857

Aruuhan Bayaguud1, Kun Chen1, and Yongge Wei1,2 (*)

A molecule-based bottom-up method to synthesize freestanding polyoxometalate-based nanosheets via the coordination reaction of carboxyl-group-functionalized hexavanadate clusters and zinc ions was demonstrated. The as-prepared nanosheets catalyzed the aerobic oxidation of propanethiol (PrSH) to the corresponding disulfide (PrSSPr) under mild conditions.
2016, 9(12): 3858–3867

Bo Long1,2, Yan Tang1, and Jun Li1 (*)

Single-atom catalysts with gold atoms doped and supported on a thoria surface were studied via density functional theory. Although CO oxidation follows the Mars–van Krevelen mechanism on doped thoria, a new mechanism of CO oxidation is found on a gold adatom supported by ThO2(111), where CO oxidation can occur without CO and O2 coadsorption on Au, which was previously considered a key intermediate.
2016, 9(12): 3868–3880

Yongchao Huang1,§, Kaihang Ye2,§, Haibo Li1, Wenjie Fan1, Fengyi Zhao1, Yuanming Zhang2 (*), and Hongbing Ji1 (*)

We developed a new, low-cost, and high-performance manganese cobalt oxide nanosheet-based catalyst for efficient catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds at low temperature.
2016, 9(12): 3881–3892

Yongqiang Kang1,§, Fumin Li2,§, Shuni Li2, Pujun Jin1 (*), Jinhui Zeng1, Jiaxing Jiang1, and Yu Chen1 (*)

This work demonstrates a facile polyethyleneimine-assisted polyol approach for the production of high-quality Rh nanodendrites with very thin triangular branches as subunits. For the first time, the methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) on Rh nanocrystals having a well-defined morphology is investigated in an alkaline medium. The as-prepared Rh nanodendrites exhibit excellent electrocatalytic activity and durability during the MOR in the alkaline medium, indicating that Rh nanocrystals with a specific morphology might be highly promising alternatives to Pt electrocatalysts.
2016, 9(12): 3893–3902

Lijuan Fan1, Daichun Tang2, Deyu Wang3, Zhaoxiang Wang1 (*), and Liquan Chen1

Li2CO3 is an essential component of the solid electrolyte interphase layer in Li batteries. Its formation leads to low initial coulombic efficiency and low energy density, as the cathode is the sole lithium source in a Li-ion battery. Further, Li2CO3 is an insulating by-product that is difficult to decompose on the cathode of Li–air batteries. Its presence results in a large polarization and low energy conversion efficiency. To address these issues, we show that the addition of nanoscaled spinel LiCoO2 as a catalyst can effectively lower the oxidization potential of Li2CO3 to 4.25 V.
2016, 9(12): 3903–3913

Gina C. Adam1 (*), Brian D. Hoskins2, Mirko Prezioso1, and Dmitri B. Strukov1 (*)

We demonstrated an optimized approach for logic-in-memory computing and proved its reliability by experimentally showing, for the first time, a multi-cycle multi-gate material implication logic operation and half-adder circuit within a three-dimensional stack of monolithically integrated memristors. Direct data manipulation in three dimensions enables extremely compact and high-throughput logic-in-memory computing and, remarkably, presents a viable solution for the Feynman Grand Challenge of implementing an 8-bit adder at the nanoscale.
2016, 9(12): 3914–3923

Haitao Zhai1,2, Ranran Wang1 (*), Xiao Wang1,2, Yin Cheng1,2, Liangjing Shi1, and Jing Sun1 (*)

An easy way to improve the anti-oxidation stability of Cu nanowire (NW) films is presented. Flexible and stretchable Cu NW film heaters with a wide operating temperature range (up to 150℃) and high heating rate (14℃/s) were investigated.
2016, 9(12): 3924–3936