Volume 11

Issue 06,2018

(51 articles)


Rufan Zhang1, Chong Liu1, Guangmin Zhou1, Jie Sun1, Nian Liu1, Po-Chun Hsu1, Haotian Wang1, Yongcai Qiu1, Jie Zhao1, Tong Wu1, Wenting Zhao1, and Yi Cui1,2 (*)

The morphologies and properties of primary PM10 and PM2.5 particles from different sources were investigated using a nanofiberbased in situ sampling approach.
2018, 11(6): 3182–3192
Published: 22 May 2018

Ji-Gang Piao1,3, Feng Gao1, Yunong Li2, Lei Yu1, Dong Liu2, Zi-Bin Tan1, Yujie Xiong2 (*), Lihua Yang1 (*), and Ye-Zi You1 (*)

Using gold nanocages as a model nanotherapeutic, we showed that coating the nanoparticles with a pH-sensitive zwitterionic ligand capable of sensing small differences in extracellular pH between tumor and normal tissues simultaneously conferred enhanced cellular internalization at acidic pH in tumors and extended systemic circulation, which has not been achieved previously for stealth materials applied alone.
2018, 11(6): 3193–3204
Published: 22 May 2018

Mengyu Yan1,2,§, Xunbiao Zhou1,§, Xuelei Pan1, Junhui Wang1, Lixue Xia1, Kesong Yu1, Xiaobin Liao1, Xu Xu1, Liang He1, and Liqiang Mai1 ()

A photo-electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) device with individual MoS2 nanosheet was fabricated and utilized to investigate the influence of electric field and sunlight illumination on the hydrogen production capability of MoS2. In addition, it was demonstrated that the activity of the electrocatalyst had a strong and rapid response to the illumination with sunlight by measuring the electrochemical potential dependent chronoamperometry.
2018, 11(6): 3205–3212
Published: 22 May 2018

Fang Pu1, Xiang Ran1,3, Meng Guan2, Yanyan Huang1,3, Jinsong Ren1 (*), and Xiaogang Qu1 (*)

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with distinct localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) absorption spectra can be synthesized using different biomolecules as templates upon irradiation by light. We utilized the multiple readouts of LSPR signals of biomoleculetemplated AgNPs to construct sensor arrays for pattern recognition of various biomolecules.
2018, 11(6): 3213–3221
Published: 22 May 2018

Yi Peng1,2, Lidong Li1 (*), Ran Tao1, Lingyu Tan1, Mengna Qiu1, and Lin Guo1 (*)

A star-like Au@Pt core-shell nanocatalyst has been simply synthesized by solution methods, and the produced nanocrystals show greatly enhanced catalytic activity toward formic acid and ethanol oxidation.
2018, 11(6): 3222–3232
Published: 22 May 2018

Mengxing Sun1, Qiyi Fang2, Dan Xie1 (*), Yilin Sun1, Liu Qian3, Jianlong Xu4, Peng Xiao4, Changjiu Teng1, Weiwei Li1, Tianling Ren1, and Yanfeng Zhang2 (*)

A high-quality physical vapor deposition-grown monolayer WSe2/Si heterojunction is formed that demonstrates an extremely low dark current of 1 nA and high rectification ratio of 107. The WSe2/Si heterojunction decorated with graphene quantum dots exhibits excellent performance characterized by a wide response spectrum of ultraviolet-visible-near-infrared and improved specific detectivity.
2018, 11(6): 3233–3243
Published: 22 May 2018

Hairong Wang§, Wenwen Zhu§, Liangzhu Feng, Qian Chen, Yu Chao, Ziliang Dong, and Zhuang Liu (*)

This work presents a covalent-organic polymer (COP, THPP-PtPEG)-based nanomedicine displaying GSH-induced dissociation, drug release, lyophilizable formulation, prolonged blood half-life, efficient tumor passive homing, and tumor vasculature normalization behavior, largely via tumor hypoxia relief behavior, and has applications in combined photodynamic-chemotherapy.
2018, 11(6): 3244–3257
Published: 22 May 2018

Peng-Fei Wang1,2, Hu-Rong Yao1,2, Ya You1,2, Yong-Gang Sun1,2, Ya-Xia Yin1,2 (*), and Yu-Guo Guo1,2 (*)

We synthesized a honeycomb-ordered Na3Ni2SbO6 compound and investigated the phase transformation mechanism and Na+ kinetics during sodium (de)intercalation. The partial irreversible O′3–P′3 phase transition is found to be responsible for the insufficient cycling stability. The fast Na+ mobility in the interlayer establishes the linkage between the kinetic advantage and a good rate performance of the cathode.
2018, 11(6): 3258–3271
Published: 22 May 2018

Shuangfei Cai1, Xueliang Liu1, Qiusen Han1,2, Cui Qi1, Rong Yang1,2 (*), and Chen Wang1,2 (*)

We report a facile strategy for the one-pot synthesis of monodisperse Pd nanoparticles (NPs) supported on ultrathin NiCl2 nanosheets. The effective protocol can be described as a three-step in situ reduction-oxidation-assembly process to construct Pd/NiCl2 nanocomposites as heterogeneous catalysts for various important applications.
2018, 11(6): 3272–3281
Published: 22 May 2018

Zhenhua Yan1, Hongming Sun1, Xiang Chen1, Xiaorui Fu1, Chengcheng Chen1, Fangyi Cheng1 (*), and Jun Chen1,2

Perovskite/carbon nanocomposites,rapidly fabricated by a novel, mild gel auto-combustion approach at 180 ℃, feature homogeneous dispersion and strong oxide-carbon coupling and exhibit a Pt-like electrocatalytic oxygen reduction performance for alkaline Zn-air batteries.
2018, 11(6): 3282–3293
Published: 22 May 2018