Volume 8

Issue 10,2015

(32 articles)


Zaixing Jiang1,2,§, Shuai Zhang2,§, Chuanxu Yang2, Reza M. Zadegan2, Jrgen Kjems2, Yudong Huang1 (*),
Flemming Besenbacher2, and Mingdong Dong2 (*)

2015, 8(10): 3446-3446

Kamonwad Ngamchuea, Kristina Tschulik (*), and Richard G. Compton (*)

Ultrahigh magnetic gradients at Fe3O4-nanoparticle-modified electrodes (>108 T·m-1) induce enhanced mass transport to the electrodes. This is attributed to the magnetic field gradient force and the superparamagnetic properties of nano-Fe3O4, which enable switching of the force using an external magnetic field.
2015, 8(10): 3293–3306