Volume 14

Issue 06,2021

(36 articles)


Ui Yeon Won1, Boo Heung Lee1, Young Rae Kim1,2, Won Tae Kang1,2, Ilmin Lee1, Ji Eun Kim1, Young Hee Lee2, and Woo Jong Yu1 (*)

We present a vertically stacked graphene/hexagonal boron nitride/ silicon (Gr/h-BN/Si) van der Waals heterostructure to enhance detectivity near-zero external bias of photodetector by inserting thin layer of h-BN to suppress dark current. We propose the mechanisms of carrier flowing in an illuminated environment for reverse and forward current regions.
2021, 14(6): 1967–1972
Published: 9 June 2020

Di Wu1, Zhihui Zhao1, Wei Lu2, Lukas Rogée2, Longhui Zeng2 (✉), Pei Lin1, Zhifeng Shi1, Yongtao Tian1, Xinjian Li1, and Yuen Hong Tsang2 (✉)

A highly sensitive solar-blind deep ultraviolet photodetector based on graphene/PtSe2/β-Ga2O3 Schottky junction is demonstrated, which shows a large detectivity and an ultrafast response speed.
2021, 14(6): 1973–1979
Published: 03 March 2021

Wancai Li1, Jiaqi Ma1, Xue Cheng2, and Dehui Li1,2 (✉)

We observed the photoluminescence quantum yield of two-dimensional (2D) perovskite thin microplates has been enhanced 28 times by graphene encapsulation. The enhancement mechanism is the reduced quantum confined Stark effect due to the reduced surface depletion field, which leads to the enhanced radiative recombination efficiency.
2021, 14(6): 1980–1984
Published: 30 July 2020

Shuwen Niu§, Jinyan Cai§, and Gongming Wang (✉)

In this review, we summarize the recent process of the electronic structural modulation of MoS2 for hydrogen evolution catalysis.
2021, 14(6): 1985–2002
Published: 04 December 2020

Xiaorong Gan1, Dangyuan Lei2 (*), Ruquan Ye3, Huimin Zhao4, and Kwok-Yin Wong5

The photoactivity of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide heterostructures for visible-light-driven photocatalytic water splitting can be regulated through dimensionality and interface engineering.
2021, 14(6): 2003–2022
Published: 17 July 2020

Yumei Ren1,2,3, Chengbing Yu1 (*), Zhonghui Chen3,4 (*), and Yuxi Xu3 (*)

The recent research progress in the preparation methods of twodimensional (2D) polymer nanosheets, mainly including interfacial polymerization and solution polymerization has been summarized. The structure–property relationships of various 2D polymers are thoroughly discussed. Their applications in the fields of energy storage and conversion, and the future perspectives have also been presented.
2021, 14(6): 2023–2036
Published: 25 July 2020