The winner of “Top Papers Award” in 2018

The annual Top Papers Award has been established since 2015 by the editorial board of Nano Research and the Tsinghua University Press (TUP). This award is open to any scientists worldwide who have published papers in Nano Research during the two preceding years. After the JCR is released in each year, the winner will be determined by the Award Committee (Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, representatives from TUP) according to the citation in the latest year and the contribution of the papers. The winner list is announced in the annual Sino-US Forum on Nanoscale Science and Technology.

The awardees will receive a prize of RMB 10,000 and a certificate. The winner’s name and work will be featured in Nano Research and other media. This award can be granted to the same paper twice.

We are pleased to announce that the fourth Top Papers Awards are presented to the following papers.

Top Papers

TiO2 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets for photocatalytic applications. Sajan, Chimmikuttanda Ponnappa; Wageh, Swelm; Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed. A.; Yu, Jiaguo*; Cao, Shaowen*. 2016(1) 3-27.

A mini review on nickel-based electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction. Gong, Ming; Wang, Di-Yan; Chen, Chia-Chun*; Hwang, Bing-Joe*; Dai, Hongjie*. 2016(1) 28-46.

Three-dimensional graphene framework with ultra-high sulfur content for a robust lithium-sulfur battery. Papandrea, Benjamin; Xu, Xu; Xu, Yuxi; Chen, Chih-Yen; Lin, Zhaoyang; Wang, Gongming; Luo, Yanzhu; Liu, Matthew; Huang, Yu; Mai, Liqiang*; Duan, Xiangfeng*. 2016(1) 240-248.

Organic-inorganic bismuth (III)-based material: A lead-free, air-stable and solution-processable light-absorber beyond organolead perovskites. Lyu, Miaoqiang; Yun, Jung-Ho; Cai, Molang; Jiao, Yalong; Bernhardt, Paul V.; Zhang, Meng; Wang, Qiong; Du, Aijun; Wang, Hongxia; Liu, Gang; Wang, Lianzhou*. 2016(3) 692-702.

Multilayered electret films based triboelectric nanogenerator. Zhou, Tao; Zhang, Limin; Xue, Fei; Tang, Wei; Zhang, Chi*; Wang, Zhong Lin*. 2016(5) 1442-1451.

Pd-Ag alloy hollow nanostructures with interatomic charge polarization for enhanced electrocatalytic formic acid oxidation. Liu, Dong; Xie, Maolin; Wang, Chengming*; Liao, Lingwen; Qiu, Lu; Ma, Jun; Huang, Hao; Long, Ran; Jiang, Jun*; Xiong, Yujie*. 2016(6) 1590-1599.

Achieving excellent bandwidth absorption by a mirror growth process of magnetic porous polyhedron structures. Lv, Hualiang; Zhang, Haiqian; Zhao, Jun; Ji, Guangbin*; Du, Youwei. 2016(6) 1813-1822.

One-step accurate synthesis of shell controllable CoFe2O4 hollow microspheres as high-performance electrode materials in supercapacitor. Wang, Zhuo; Jia, Wei; Jiang, Menglei; Chen, Chen*; Li, Yadong. 2016(7) 2026-2033.

Metal-organic framework derived CoSe2 nanoparticles anchored on carbon fibers as bifunctional electrocatalysts for efficient overall water splitting. Sun, Chencheng; Dong, Qiuchun; Yang, Jun; Dai, Ziyang; Lin, Jianjian; Chen, Peng*; Huang, Wei*; Dong, Xiaochen*. 2016(8) 2234-2243.

Ternary NiCoP nanosheet arrays: An excellent bifunctional catalyst for alkaline overall water splitting. Li, Yingjie; Zhang, Haichuan; Jiang, Ming; Kuang, Yun*; Sun, Xiaoming*; Duan, Xue. 2016(8) 2251-2259.

Core-shell Au@MnO2 nanoparticles for enhanced radiotherapy via improving the tumor oxygenation. Yi, Xuan; Chen, Lei; Zhong, Xiaoyan; Gao, Roulin; Qian, Yitao; Wu, Fan; Song, Guosheng; Chai, Zhifang; Liu, Zhuang; Yang, Kai*. 2016(11) 3267-3278.

Iron-doped nickel disulfide nanoarray: A highly efficient and stable electrocatalyst for water splitting. Yang, Na; Tang, Chun; Wang, Kunyang; Du, Gu; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Sun, Xuping*. 2016(11) 3346-3354.

Rational construction of graphene oxide with MOF-derived porous NiFe@C nanocubes for high-performance microwave attenuation. Yang, Zhihong*; Lv, Hualiang; Wu, Renbing*. 2016(12) 3671-3682.

Porous FeS nanofibers with numerous nanovoids obtained by Kirkendall diffusion effect for use as anode materials for sodium-ion batteries. Cho, Jung Sang; Park, Jin-Sung; Kang, Yun Chan*. 2017(3) 897-907.

Surface modification of nanozymes. Liu, Biwu; Liu, Juewen*. 2017(4) 1125-1148.

Unravelling charge carrier dynamics in protonated g-C3N4 interfaced with carbon nanodots as co-catalysts toward enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction: A combined experimental and first-principles DFT study. Ong, Wee-Jun*; Putri, Lutfi Kurnianditia; Tan, Yoong-Chuen; Tan, Lling-Lling; Li, Neng; Ng, Yun Hau; Wen, Xiaoming; Chai, Siang-Piao*. 2017(5) 1673-1696.

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