Prof. Jie Liu Becomes the Associate Editor of Nano Research

Prof. Jie Liu, who is from Duke University, was recently invited as an associate editor of  Nano Research. Nano Research is an international academic journal sponsored by  Tsinghua University and the Chinese Chemical Society. Since the Journal was launched  in 2008, Nano Research has been steadily growing in impact in the related disciplines.  The latest Impact Factor was 7.354 according to Thomson Reuters’ 2017 Journal Citation  Report.

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Prof. Jie Liu earned a B.S. in Chemistry from Shandong University  in 1987 and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University in 1996.  He is currently the George B Geller Professor of Chemistry at Duke  University. His research interests include synthesis and chemical  functionalization of nanomaterials, plasmonic catalysis,  nanoelectronic devices, scanning probe microscopy, and carbon  nanomaterials. As a faculty member, Prof. Liu has received the  DuPont Young Professor Award, Outstanding Oversea Young  Investigator Award from NSF-China, Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty  Enhancement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities, and Bass Professorship  from Duke University for excellence in teaching and research. He is elected as a Fellow in  AAAS (2013), APS (2014) and RSC (2013).

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