The winner of “Top Papers Award” in 2019

The annual Top Papers Award has been established since 2015 by the editorial board of Nano  Research and the Tsinghua University Press (TUP). This award is open to any scientists worldwide who have published papers in Nano Research during the two preceding years. After  the JCR is released in each year, the winner will be determined by the Award Committee  (Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, representatives from TUP) according to the citation in the  latest year and the contribution of the papers.

The awardees will receive a prize of RMB 10,000 and a certificate. The winner’s name and  work will be featured in Nano Research and other media.

We are pleased to announce that the fifth Top Papers Awards are presented to the following  papers.

Top Papers

Confinedly implanted NiFe2O4-rGO: Cluster tailoring and highly tunable electromagnetic  properties for selective-frequency microwave absorption. Zhang, Yanlan; Wang, Xixi;  Cao, Maosheng*. 2018(3):1426-1436.

Facile synthesis of yolk-shell Ni@void@SnO2(Ni3Sn2) ternary composites via galvanic  replacement/Kirkendall effect and their enhanced microwave absorption properties. Zhao,  Biao*; Guo, Xiaoqin; Zhao, Wanyu; Deng, Jiushuai; Fan, Bingbing; Shao, Gang; Bai,  Zhongyi; Zhang, Rui. 2017(1):331-343.

MoS2 as a long-life host material for potassium ion intercalation. Ren, Xiaodi; Zhao,  Qiang; McCulloch, William D.; Wu, Yiying*. 2017(4):1313-1321.

Self-supported CoMoS4 nanosheet array as an efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution  reaction at neutral pH. Ren, Xiang; Wu, Dan; Ge, Ruixiang; Sun, Xu; Ma, Hongmin; Yan,  Tao; Zhang, Yong; Du, Bin; Wei, Qin*; Chen, Liang*. 2018(4):2024-2033.

Biotemplated synthesis of three-dimensional porous MnO/C-N nanocomposites from  renewable rapeseed pollen: An anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Chen, Li-Feng;  Ma, Sheng-Xiang; Lu, Shu; Feng, Yue; Zhang, Jia; Xin, Sen; Yu, Shu-Hong*.  2017(1):1-11.

Engineering carbon quantum dots for photomediated theranostics. Hassan, Mahbub;  Gomes, Vincent G.*; Dehghani, Alireza; Ardekani, Sara M. 2018(1):1-41.

Hierarchical graphene foam-based phase change materials with enhanced thermal  conductivity and shape stability for efficient solar-to-thermal energy conversion and  storage. Qi, Guoqiang; Yang, Jie; Bao, Ruiying; Xia, Dongyun; Cao, Min; Yang, Wei*;  Yang, Mingbo; Wei, Dacheng*. 2017(3):802-813.

Aqueous electrocatalytic N2 reduction under ambient conditions. Cao, Na; Zheng,  Gengfeng*. 2018(6):2992-3008.

Embedding CoS2 nanoparticles in N-doped carbon nanotube hollow frameworks for  enhanced lithium storage properties. Zhang, Jintao; Yu, Le*; Lou, Xiong Wen (David)*.  2017(12):4298-4304.

Two-photon-excited near-infrared emissive carbon dots as multifunctional agents for  fluorescence imaging and photothermal therapy. Lan, Minhuan; Zhao, Shaojing; Zhang,  Zhenyu; Yan, Li; Guo, Liang; Niu, Guangle; Zhang, Jinfeng; Zhao, Junfang; Zhang,  Hongyan; Wang, Pengfei*; Zhu, Guangyu; Lee, Chun-Sing; Zhang, Wenjun*.  2017(9):3113-3123.

Interface engineering of high efficiency perovskite solar cells based on ZnO nanorods  using atomic layer deposition. Li, Shibin*; Zhang, Peng; Wang, Yafei; Sarvari,  Hojjatollah; Liu, Detao; Wu, Jiang; Yang, Yajie; Wang, Zhiming; Chen, Zhi David*.  2017(3):1092-1103.

Transparent, stretchable, and rapid-response humidity sensor for body-attachable  wearable electronics. Tran Quang Trung; Le Thai Duy; Ramasundaram, Subramanian;  Lee, Nae-Eung*. 2017(6):2021-2033.

Application of yolk-shell Fe3O4@N-doped carbon nanochains as highly effective  microwave-absorption material. Qiao, Mingtao; Lei, Xingfeng; Ma, Yong; Tian, Lidong;  He, Xiaowei; Su, Kehe; Zhang, Qiuyu*. 2018(3):1500-1519.

Coordination-responsive drug release inside gold nanorod@metal-organic framework  core-shell nanostructures for near-infrared-induced synergistic chemo-photothermal  therapy. Li, Yantao; Jin, Jun; Wang, Dawei; Lv, Jiawei; Hou, Ke; Liu, Yaling*; Chen,  Chunying*; Tang, Zhiyong*. 2018(6):3294-3305.

Cobalt phosphide nanoparticles embedded in nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets:  Promising anode material with high rate capability and long cycle life for sodium-ion  batteries. Zhang, Kai; Park, Mihui; Zhang, Jing; Lee, Gi-Hyeok; Shin, Jeongyim; Kang,  Yong-Mook*. 2017(12):4337-4350.

Investigation on the broadband electromagnetic wave absorption properties and  mechanism of Co3O4-nanosheets/reduced-graphene-oxide composite. Ding, Yi; Zhang,  Zheng; Luo, Baohe; Liao, Qingliang*; Liu, Shuo; Liu, Yichong; Zhang, Yue*.  2017(3):980-990.

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