The winner of “Top Papers Award” in 2020

The annual Top Papers Award has been established since 2015 by the editorial board of Nano Research and the Tsinghua University Press (TUP). This award is open to any scientists worldwide who have published papers in Nano Research during the two preceding years. After the JCR is released in each year, the winner will be determined by the Award Committee (Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, representatives from TUP) according to the citation in the latest year and the contribution of the papers.

The awardees will receive a prize of RMB ¥10,000 and a certificate. The winner’s name and work will be featured in Nano Research and other media.

We are pleased to announce that the sixth Top Papers Awards are presented to the following papers.

Top Papers

Confinedly implanted NiFe2O4-rGO: Cluster tailoring and highly tunable electromagnetic properties for selective-frequency microwave absorption. Zhang, Yanlan; Wang, Xixi; Cao, Maosheng*. 2018(3): 1426-1436.

Metal organic frameworks derived single atom catalysts for electrocatalytic energy conversion. Sun, Tingting; Xu, Lianbin; Wang, Dingsheng*; Li, Yadong. 2019(9): 2067-2080.

Review of MXenes as new nanomaterials for energy storage/delivery and selected environmental applications. Jun, Byung-Moon; Kim, Sewoon; Heo, Jiyong; Park, Chang Min; Her, Namguk; Jang, Min; Huang, Yi; Han, Jonghun*; Yoon, Yeomin*. 2019(3): 471-487.

Application of yolk–shell Fe3O4@N-doped carbon nanochains as highly effective microwave-absorption material. Qiao, Mingtao; Lei, Xingfeng; Ma, Yong; Tian, Lidong; He, Xiaowei; Su, Kehe; Zhang, Qiuyu*. 2018(3): 1500-1519.

Template-free large-scale synthesis of g-C3N4 microtubes for enhanced visible light-driven photocatalytic H2 production. Zhou, Chao; Shi, Run; Shang, Lu; Wu, Li-Zhu; Tung, Chen-Ho; Zhang, Tierui*. 2018(6): 3462-3468.

Fast formation of single-unit-cell-thick and defect-rich layered double hydroxide nanosheets with highly enhanced oxygen evolution reaction for water splitting. Gao, Rui; Yan, Dongpeng*. 2018(4): 1883-1894.

Modulating the local coordination environment of single-atom catalysts for enhanced catalytic performance. Li, Xinyuan; Rong, Hongpan*; Zhang, Jiatao; Wang, Dingsheng*; Li, Yadong. 2020(7): 1842-1855.

Aqueous electrocatalytic N2 reduction under ambient conditions. Cao, Na; Zheng, Gengfeng*. 2018(6): 2992-3008.

Electrosprayed porous Fe3O4/carbon microspheres as anode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Han, Wenjie; Qin, Xianying*; Wu, Junxiong; Li, Qing; Liu, Ming; Xia, Yue; Du, Hongda; Li, Baohua*; Kang, Feiyu. 2018(2): 892-904.

Photocatalysts for degradation of dyes in industrial effluents: Opportunities and challenges. Anwer, Hassan; Mahmood, Asad; Lee, Jechan; Kim, Ki-Hyun*; Park, Jae-Woo*; Yip, Alex C. K. 2019(5): 955-972.

CVD growth of fingerprint-like patterned 3D graphene film for an ultrasensitive pressure sensor. Xia, Kailun; Wang, Chunya; Jian, Muqiang; Wang, Qi; Zhang, Yingying*. 2018(2): 1124-1134.

Wafer-scale synthesis of monolayer WS2 for high-performance flexible photodetectors by enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Lan, Changyong; Zhou, Ziyao; Zhou, Zhifei; Li, Chun; Shu, Lei; Shen, Lifan; Li, Dapan; Dong, Ruoting; Yip, SenPo; Ho, Johnny C.*. 2018(6): 3371-3384.

Yolk–shell structured Co-C/Void/Co9S8 composites with a tunable cavity for ultrabroadband and efficient low-frequency microwave absorption. Liu, Xiaofang*; Hao, Chengcheng; He, Lihua; Yang, Cheng; Chen, Yubin; Jiang, Chengbao; Yu, Ronghai. 2018(8): 4169-4182.

Nickel cobalt phosphide with three-dimensional nanostructure as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline electrolytes. Ma, Bo; Yang, Zhengchun; Chen, Yantao*; Yuan, Zhihao*. 2019(2): 375-380.

Review on photocatalytic and electrocatalytic artificial nitrogen fixation for ammonia synthesis at mild conditions: Advances, challenges and perspectives. Xue, Xiaolan; Chen, Renpeng; Yan, Changzeng; Zhao, Peiyang; Hu, Yi; Zhang, Wenjun; Yang, Songyuan; Jin, Zhong*. 2019(6): 1229-1249.

Coordination-responsive drug release inside gold nanorod@metal-organic framework core–shell nanostructures for near-infrared-induced synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy. Li, Yantao; Jin, Jun; Wang, Dawei; Lv, Jiawei; Hou, Ke; Liu, Yaling*; Chen, Chunying*; Tang, Zhiyong*. 2018(6): 3294-3305.

Hierarchical coral-like NiMoS nanohybrids as highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall urea electrolysis. Wang, Xiaoxia; Wang, Jianmei; Sun, Xuping*; Wei, Shuang; Cui, Liang; Yang, Wenrong; Liu, Jingquan*. 2018(2): 988-996.