The high-impact papers in 2020

1.  Metal organic frameworks derived single atom catalysts for electrocatalytic energy conversion

Dingsheng Wang*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2067–2080.



2.  Modulating the local coordination environment of single-atom catalysts for enhanced catalytic performance

Hongpan Rong* and Dingsheng Wang*

Nano Research 2020, 13, 1842–1855.



3.  Review of MXenes as new nanomaterials for energy storage/delivery and selected environmental applications

Jonghun Han* and Yeomin Yoon*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 471–487.



4.   Photocatalysts for degradation of dyes in industrial effluents: Opportunities and challenges

Ki-Hyun Kim* and Jae-Woo Park*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 955–972.



5.  Review on photocatalytic and electrocatalytic artificial nitrogen fixation for ammonia synthesis at mild conditions: Advances, challenges and perspectives

Zhong Jin*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1229–1249.



6.  Nickel cobalt phosphide with three-dimensional nanostructure as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction in both acidic and alkaline electrolytes

Yantao Chen* and Zhihao Yuan*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 375–380.



7.  Single-atom catalysis enables long-life, high-energy lithium-sulfur batteries

Dingsheng Wang* and Yadong Li*

Nano Research 2020, 13, 1856–1866.



8.   Heterogeneous molecular catalysts for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction

Karthish Manthiram*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2093–2125.



9.  A review on synthesis of graphene, h-BN and MoS2 for energy storage applications: Recent progress and perspectives

Rajesh Kumar* and Atsunori Matsuda*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2655–2694.



10.  In-situ fabrication of PtSe2/GaN heterojunction for self-powered deep ultraviolet photodetector with ultrahigh current on/off ratio and detectivity

Di Wu*, Xinjian Li*, and Yuen Hong Tsang*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 183–189.



11.  SERS-based lateral flow immunoassay of troponin I by using gap-enhanced Raman tags

Boris N. Khlebtsov* and Nikolai G. Khlebtsov*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 413–420.



12. Hexagonal boron nitride nanosheet for effective ambient N2 fixation to NH3

Fengli Qu*, Liang Chen*, and Xuping Sun*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 919–924.



13. Mn3O4 nanoparticles@reduced graphene oxide composite: An efficient electrocatalyst for artificial N2 fixation to NH3 at ambient conditions

Xuping Sun*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1093–1098.



14.  Conductive polymers for stretchable supercapacitors

Yaqun Wang* and Guihua Yu* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1978–1987.



15.  Recent progress in engineering near-infrared persistent luminescence nanoprobes for time-resolved biosensing/bioimaging

Quan Yuan*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1279–1292.



16.  Encapsulating segment-like antimony nanorod in hollow carbon tube as long-lifespan, high-rate anodes for rechargeable K-ion batteries

Liqiang Mai* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1025–1031.



17.  Supramolecular precursor strategy for the synthesis of holey graphitic carbon nitride nanotubes with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution performance

Tierui Zhang* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2385–2389.



18.  Ternary Ni-Co-Fe oxyhydroxide oxygen evolution catalysts: Intrinsic activity trends, electrical conductivity, and electronic band structure

Maytal Caspary Toroker* and Shannon W. Boettcher* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2288–2295.



19.  Crystal phase engineering on photocatalytic materials for energy and environmental applications

Song Bai* and Yujie Xiong* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2031–2054.



20.  Red/orange dual-emissive carbon dots for pH sensing and  cell imaging

Lulu Cai* and Quan Xu*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 815–821.



21.  Inverse opal manganese dioxide constructed by few-layered ultrathin nanosheets as high-performance cathodes for aqueous zinc-ion batteries

Srinivasan Madhavi* and Qingyu Yan*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1347–1353.



22.  Graphitic carbon nitride with different dimensionalities for energy and environmental applications

Bing-Jie Ni*

Nano Research 2020, 13, 18–37.



23.  Unlocking the door to highly efficient Ag-based nanoparticles catalysts for NaBH4-assisted nitrophenol reduction

Zushun Xu*, Haiyang Gao*, and Baizeng Fang*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 2407–2436.



24.  In-situ formation of MOF derived mesoporous Co3N/amorphous N-doped carbon nanocubes as an efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction

Dae Ho Yoon*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1605–1611.



25.  N-doped-carbon coated Ni2P-Ni sheets anchored on graphene with superior energy storage behavior

Li Sun* and Yihe Zhang*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 607–618.



26.  Ultrathin wavy Rh nanowires as highly effective electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction with ultrahigh ECSA

Yu Huang* and Xiangfeng Duan* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 211–215.



27.  Convenient fabrication of BiOBr ultrathin nanosheets with rich oxygen vacancies for photocatalytic selective oxidation of secondary amines

Qing Peng* and Yadong Li* 

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1625–1630.



28.  Fe2N nanoparticles boosting FeNx moieties for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction in Fe-N-C porous catalyst

Bo Yang* and Hui Yang*

Nano Research 2019, 12, 1651–1657.