Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature Present the Sixth Nano Research Award

Xinhe Bao, the Professor at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Omar M. Yaghi, the James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, received the sixth Nano Research Award. Professors Hongjie Dai and Yadong Li (Editors-in-Chief of Nano Research), Professors Xiaogang Peng, Jie Liu, Xiangfeng Duan and Zhen Gu (Associate Editors) jointly presented the award plaques to Xinhe Bao and Omar M. Yaghi, while Dr. Yong Li, the Chairman of the Board of Tsinghua University Press and Dr. Joyce Li, Journal Publishing Director of Springer Nature for Greater China presented the award certificates. The award ceremony was held during the 2019 14th Sino-US Forum on Nanoscale Science and Technology on June, 23 in Changsha, China.

Professor Xinhe Bao was selected for the award in recognition of his significant contributions in the creation of new catalytic materials and the development of clean and efficient conversion processes for energy. He has achieved important research results in the development of basic theory of catalysis and the development and application of new catalysts. Prof. Bao discovered and expounded the association mechanism and interaction law between the structure, electronic characteristic and catalytic activity of the catalyst active center under nano-confined conditions, and firstly proposed the concept of “nano-confined catalysis” in the world. This concept has been expanded and improved in one-dimensional carbon nanotubes, two-dimensional interfaces and three-dimensional lattices, and a theoretical system has been initially formed. Guided by this concept, professor Bao led his team to develop a high-efficiency selective catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation under low temperature, successfully solved the problem of the deactivation of fuel cell electrode caused by trace CO in hydrogen; created the lattice confined single‐center iron catalyst, which achieved nonoxidative conversion of methane to olefins and high-value chemicals; pioneered oxide and zeolite nanocomposite catalysts and catalytic processes (OxZeo Process), overturned the traditional process which long-term dominated the coal chemical industry, successfully achieved one-step conversion of coal-based syngas which can directly and highly selective prepare the low-carbon olefins and chemicals, opened up new avenues for the efficient and clean use of carbon-based resources.

Professor Omar M. Yaghi was selected for the award in recognition of his pioneering reticular chemistry which is stitching molecular building blocks by strong bonds into crystalline open frameworks. This chemistry has led to his discovery and development of several new classes of structures termed metal-organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks, and molecular weaving having ultra-high porosity, and thermal and chemical stability. Prof. Yaghi pioneering research is the seed that has produced this new field of chemistry that is sweeping the world, with hundreds of laboratories working in this area and pursuing fresh applications such as carbon capture and conversion as well as harvesting water from desert air.

Both winners presented invited keynote speech at the 14th Sino-US Forum on Nanoscale Science and Technology.

Nano Research is an international academic journal sponsored by Tsinghua University and the Chinese Chemical Society, and is jointly published by Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature. Its 2018 Impact Factor, which was just released by Thomson Reuters, is 8.515. The Nano Research Award, established by Nano Research along with Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature in 2013, honors outstanding contributions to nano research by an individual scientist. The winner is selected by the Award Committee (Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and representatives from Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature) after receiving nominations from the members of the Editorial Board of Nano Research. Prof. Charles M. Lieber of Harvard University, Prof. Paul Alivisatos and Prof. Peidong Yang, both of the University of California (UC) Berkeley, Prof. Yi Xie of University of Science and Technology of China, Prof. Lei Jiang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Chad Mirkin of Northwestern University were the first six recipients of the honor.


Photo from left to right: Yong Li, Xiangfeng Duan, Jie Liu, Hongjie Dai, Omar M. Yaghi, Xinhe Bao, Yadong Li, Xiaogang Peng, Zhen Gu, Joyce Li

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