Open Choice

Nano Research offers authors the opportunity to have the articles published with  Open Access under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License in  exchange for paying a basic fee of 2200/$3000. Choosing open access means  making your journal article freely and permanently available to everyone,  everywhere.

For more information on Open Choice, please refer to the link below:

Order open access for your article:

After your article has been accepted for publication:  

    •  After your article is accepted, please inform the Editorial Office that  you will choose open access publication.

    • The Editorial Office will contact you and provide the DOI of your  article as well as the OA license agreement for you to sign.  If you opt for Open Choice, you are not required to transfer copyright.  Open access articles which are ordered through the Open Choice  program are clearly identified as open access in the article PDF and  HTML, in the article metadata and in the article display at  SpringerLink.

    • Please fill out and submit the OA order form at the website

      After receiving the OA order form, Springer will invoice the open  access publication charge.