Volume 15

Issue 01,2022

(95 articles)


Dazhong Zhong1,§, Tan Li2,§, Dong Wang1, Lina Li3, Jiancheng Wang4, Genyan Hao1, Guang Liu1, Qiang Zhao1 (✉), and Jinping Li1,4 (✉)

Partially oxidized CoFe-layered double hydroxide with enhanced metal-oxygen (M-O) covalency is prepared. It shifts the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) mechanism to the lattice oxygen oxidation mechanism and also promotes the rate-limiting deprotonation, providing superior OER performance.
2022, 15(1): 162–169
Published: 24 April 2021

Qiufan Wang1, Jiaheng Liu1, Xuan Ran1, Daohong Zhang1 (✉), Guozhen Shen2 (✉), and Menghe Miao3

A highly flexible and wearable self-powered sensor system consisting of a high sensitivity rGO-based sensor laminated with a stretchable ZnSe/CoSe2//ECNT film asymmetric supercapacitor (ASC) (ECNT: electrochemically activated carbon nanotube film). The unique sensor can be powered by the ASC to detect various human motions under strains up to 150%.
2022, 15(1): 170–178
Published: 17 April 2021

Chunguang Zhang1,2, Meiran Zhang1, Wei Zheng1,2,3 (✉), Jiaojiao Wei1, Shiteng Wang1, Ping Huang1,2,3, Xingwen Cheng1, Tao Dai1, Zhuo Chen1, and Xueyuan Chen1,2,3 (✉)

A new class of luminescent nanoprobe based on main-group Sb3+- doped CaS nanocrystals was developed and explored for targeted cancer cell imaging and zebrafish imaging. The optical properties and excited-state dynamics of Sb3+ emitters in CaS nanocrystals were systematically investigated by means of temperature-dependent steady-state and transient photoluminescence spectroscopies.
2022, 15(1): 179–185
Published: 03 June 2021

Luchao Yue1,2, Chaoqun Ma3, Shihai Yan3, Zhenguo Wu1, Wenxi Zhao2, Qian Liu2 (✉), Yonglan Luo2, Benhe Zhong1, Fang Zhang4, Yang Liu5, Abdulmohsen Ali Alshehri6, Khalid Ahmed Alzahrani6, Xiaodong Guo1 (✉), and Xuping Sun2 (✉)

Phosphorus was employed as an effective dopant to improve the electronic conductivity and kinetics reaction of NiMoO4 as an anode for lithium ion batteries. Benefiting from the phosphorus doping, the rate capability of NiMoO4 is enlarged two folds at a high current density (2,000 mA·g−1).
2022, 15(1): 186–194
Published: 24 April 2021

Yong-Bin Chang, Chao Zhang, Xiu-Li Lu, Wen Zhang (✉), and Tong-Bu Lu (✉)

The overly strong binding of intermediates on small-sized Cu nanoparticles is relaxed, which enables ultrafine Cu nanoparticles to selectively reduce CO2 to C2+ products.
2022, 15(1): 195–201
Published: 23 April 2021

Hengming Huang1,2, Chen Xue3, Zhenggang Fang1, Zhiliang Wang2, Bin Luo2, Menglong Sun1, Ling Zhou1, Kan Hu1, Jiahui Kou1 (✉), Lianzhou Wang2 (✉), and Chunhua Lu1 (✉)

CoS2 nanocrystals were coupled with CdS nanorods to construct a composite catalyst for solar H2 evolution reaction (HER). By electron delocalization modulation, the anion-hybridized CoS2|P shows significant improvement on solar HER due to the reduced energy barrier and suppressed reverse reaction.
2022, 15(1): 202–208
Published: 21 April 2021

Yuxin Dai, Xiaoli Zhang, Yu Cui, Mengyuan Li, Yao Luo, Fan Jiang, Renqiang Zhao, and Yucheng Huang (✉)

Density functional theory calculations were performed to predict the piezoelectric coefficients of the blue-phosphorus-like group-IV monochalcogenides.
2022, 15(1): 209–216
Published: 19 April 2021

Zhihui Li1, Qingmeng Gan2, Yifan Zhang1, Jing Hu2, Peng Liu1 (✉), Changhong Xu1, Xibing Wu1, Yilin Ge1, Feng Wang1, Qingrong Yao1, Zhouguang Lu2 (✉), and Jianqiu Deng1 (✉)

Growing FeSb quantum dots on three-dimensional (3D) porous carbon: FeSb@N-doped carbon quantum dots anchored in 3D porous N-doped carbon demonstrates promising electrochemical performance as anode material for potassium-ion batteries.
2022, 15(1): 217–224
Published: 06 April 2021

Yahav Ben-Shimon, Siva K. Reddy, and Assaf Ya'akobovitz (✉)

We present here the first-ever miniaturized graphene foam-based resonator. We developed a simple yet reliable fabrication process, in which graphene foam is synthesized and assembled on a cavity to form suspended devices and then we electrostatically excited them. We observed significant energy dissipation and we investigated the influence of temperature on the dynamic operation. Finally, we observed a mode-coupling of a resonance mode and a mode having twice its frequency.
2022, 15(1): 225–229
Published: 20 May 2021

Yang Li1, Yong Qian2, Jie Zhou1, Ning Lin1 (✉), and Yitai Qian1,2 (✉)

A molten-salt-induced thermochemical prelithiated approach for regulating active Si/O ratio of SiOx and thus enhancing initial Coulombic efficiency (ICE) is introduced, which integrates the coating of LiNH2 in Li/NH3 solution and heat treatment of pre-synthesized LiNH2-coated SiOx in molten-LiCl.
2022, 15(1): 230–237
Published: 24 April 2021